Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Thanks to Tonya at Lazy Girl I actually sewed something. I've been in a slump for some time now and this challenge was just what I needed. Tonya asked for people to make letters for sounds of Halloween. We will send them to her for her to make a quilt. The first pic is the correct color. I don't know what happened to the second pic but it really is the same color as the first one. Click on the top one to see the different prints I used. Tonya wanted different font styles used and I decided I didn't like the R in OR so I replaced the one in the top pic with the one in the bottom pic. I have left the words for Tonya to make into whatever shape block will work best. It will be so much fun to see the end quilt.

Spring is finally here in my part of MI. It is still on the cold side with a heavy frost this morning. The tulips are shivering a little.

A week ago I remembered to go block off the top to my propane tank so the robins couldn't make a nest in it. I was too late. Not only was there a nest but eggs too. They are so blue. Now I won't disturb the nest until the babies are gone. Last year they died so I hope they make it this year. I'm glad I won't need a gas refill until they are gown.
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Tropical Screamer said...

Oh, I love blue eggs. Our birds all put their nests up in our palm tree where I can't see them.

Thank you so much for sharing the photos.

Best regards,

Finn said...

Your words turned out beautifully Katie!! I'm so happy you found your mojo. It's hard to be in that slump...I remember it well. Tulips are looking good despite the cool weather. Spring is having a hard time making up its mind to stay this year. Hugs, Finn

Margaret said...

G.Day Kate it is nearly my blogaversary so I tjhought I would have a look at who the forst visitors were. I enjoyed my visit to you today.