Friday, November 30, 2007

Sing With Me
I was determined to get these blocks together. I'm not a driven person but I could see the end and it was oh so near so.....

First the sewing machine had its say about that. I have a nice Elna machine in MI but just an inexpensive
Simplicity one here. It was making the stitch short and not the length I had selected. I thought it was the feed dogs but they looked okay. Finally I gave up and took it all apart. Bobbin area dirty, of course. Then I decided to take a screw driver and take the top off. Fearing the site of rust, I was surprised to find none. I found a couple places to oil and got it all back together. I checked the needle that I had replaced very recently. Finally I tested and adjusted the tension. Hurrah! She hummed right along making nice stitches. I was trying to get the sewing done so I could watch a TV show. Of course bobbin went empty. Okay, that is fixed and those two rows are done. I'll iron. Oh, no. I flipped them wrong so now must unstitch. But before I went to bed, this much is put together. Not the best picture and needs some ironing (yes on my new board) but you can see that they are all attached to each other. I need to add some type of border on the top and bottom to make it longer. These are not my colors but I had this piece of fabric and am into playing with four patch posy just now. I do like the modified snow ball design. Someone will like it when (notice I didn't say "if") I get it done.

I pulled out my Florida Christmas box of goodies. I think my favorite is the snoozing snowman. I got him at a bazaar sale last year. I had set him out on the porch and sprayed with Fabreeze. Today when I was putting him back in his chair, I discovered he had a thing under his pants in the back for batteries. Would it work? Yup. Would he sing? Nope. What is does is snore and his chest goes in and out. LOL I really relate to his guy.

The last pic are animals I bought several years ago. They don't have batteries and I was afraid they could no longer sing. But sing they still do. The song is We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The cow sings the notes with moo and the cat meow. Sorry I can't send the audio so you really must sing the song using the moo and then the meow. Now isn't that cute?
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Four Patch Posy

After playing with a lot of ideas, I am putting the blocks together like this. I wanted the flowers to dominate. I should have all 16 blocks put together today. I'll need to figure something to lengthen it. Then borders.

I'm also trying to make a Christmas table runner but not sure how to finish it. Picture to follow soon.

This is how big the ducklings have gotten. There is a second adult in the lower front. The young ones are loosing their fluff and getting feathers.

It has been in the 80's every day for a while now. Little to hot for me - and Kipper, too. Suppose to get down to 70's next Tuesday. Hard to think Christmas.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quilt's New Home

I'm sure you remember my space quilt that I worked on for much of the summer. I still call it my space quilt even though I named it What's In A Name? I dedicated it to Barbara Morgan who so impressed me as such a marvelous modal for young women - really for all of us.

After displaying the quilt in the 50 years in space challenge in September, I decided to give the quilt to Barbara Morgan. I finally got her address and sent it to her. I told her to keep it or donate it where ever she wished. I got a phone call from Barbara herself and she was so nice. This week I got a letter from her explaining what she was doing with it. I don't have a scanner here in Florida so can only retype the letter for you.

"What a delightful surprise to receive your "What's In A Name?" quilt! It's beautifully made. I love how it's bright and cheerful, and I absolutely love the space vehicles theme. We had a lot of fun with it here in the Astronaut Office - quizzing ourselves on the questions you prepared that correspond with the words on the quilt. What fun!

I am honored that you , a retired teacher and talented artist, would dedicate this quilt to me. With your permission, I'd like to dedicate it to teachers and students everywhere by donating it to the Idaho State Historical Museum in Boise, ID where it can be enjoyed by many. I have spoken to the folks at the museum and they are thrilled to be able to display it, your questions, and with your permission, a picture of yourself. I know that the Idaho State Historical Museum folks will take good care of the quilt and share it with teachers and students and parents as part of the museum's educational programming, for many years to come.

Again, thank you. Your gift truly touched me."

And I was truly touched by both Barbara's phone call and letter. Maybe I should plan a trip to Bosie.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is that?

I keep getting "stuff" under my ironing board. I clean it and it is back the next day. Hummm So I took a look and found this. That's what FL heat and humidity does. Granted this cover has been on there for several years but so had my cover on my MI ironing board and this hasn't happened. Easy fix. I'll buy a new cover. When I took it off I found a rusted frame. Okay, time for a whole new board. I buy inexpensive irons because they don't do well in this climate either. I expected to replace it but the iron is okay.

I have put some corners on the four patch blocks and like them. Not a true snowball because of the 10" block size. What's next? hummmm

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dog Park
Burrr. Who sent this cold weather down? It was 40 degrees outside when I woke up yesterday. It got up to 65 degrees. Suppose to be back up to 80 tomorrow. Kipper said yesterday was a perfect day to go to the dog park so we did. This is a new park not that far from where we live. The top pic is "come". He was so excited when a nine month old yellow lab came to play. Kipper is nine years old now and kept up, for a while anyway. Hard to get the moving pics so I made Kip pose by the fire hydrant. This park is only four months old and is three acres divided into large and small dog areas. The agility equipment is such a nice touch. There is water for both the dogs and the people.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here is another try to show you what I have been sewing. I found a piece of fabric here in my FL stash and thought it would make great four patch. I forgot to take a pic of the fabric before I cut it up. Sorry. It is neat to see what it looks like before it is cut. I used all the larger pieces up, even had to piece one of them. But I have 13 blocks, each will finish at 10 inches. Now what? I thought about mixing them with nine patch but not for a 10 inch block. Now I'm thinking snow ball but there's that 10 inch thing again. Lots of thinking and looking. hummmm.
Good News
The local Hancock Fabric store is still open. I really miss the MI one that closed. The FL one is close by and I can stop in and get anything I need. Yesterday I did just that and got some sewing machine needles. And looked around. Had to have my fabric fix. VBG
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Still Here

I'm not able to post pics. Hope to get it working very soon. Yes, I have done some quilting. Also doing water aerobics. And reading your blogs.
More soon, I hope.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

My Deepest Gratitude

For Everyone Who Served - Then and Now.
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quilted, Bound and a Pillow, Too

I got this quilt back from my LAQ just before I left MI. I tried to get the binding on before I came to FL but only got it about half done so it came with me. The top pic is it finished. The second pic shows the quilting on the front and back. I sent it to my DDIL and it has arrived. My DGD is taking it to school for show and tell. They are reading a book about a patchwork quilt. How nice. I wish she had my Autumn Walk one to take as it is more of a "true" patchwork quilt but I'm glad this one arrived in time for her to take.

I also brought what little fabric I had left from this quilt to FL and just used it to finished a pillow. The red back has seven seams. Good print for hiding them. The pillow is not as lopsided as the pics show. Now I need to get it sent.

I've been looking through my stash here in FL. It is not as extensive as my MI one but has some fabrics I'm looking at through new eyes. Hummmmm.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Sure seems strange for November, but this is what I found walking down my neighbor's driveway this afternoon when Kipper and I returned from our run. Aren't they cute?

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Try

I have no idea why my previous post did not include the pics. I'm trying to identity the vine with flowers and seed pods that has grown all over my everygreen bush. Anyone have any info?

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fall Trees in Florida

Kipper and I made it to Florida safe and sound, tired and hungry. The first pic is a small tree across the road from my mobile home. The second is a grapefruit tree in my neighbor's yard. The pic makes it look like part of the tree is not very healthy but that isn't true. It is just a late afternoon sun trick. The third pic is of a palm in my side yard and yes it does need trimmed. The last pic is the corner of my porch. Notice my chair and if you look hard, you'll see Kipper. VBG

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What is it?
There is a large evergreen shrub at the end of my porch in FL. This year, I found it covered with a very pretty vine that is flowering and has seed pods. It must be a weed but really looks nice. Can anyone shed any light on what it is and if it needs to go.