Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going to visit grandkids for a couple weeks. I'll be reading some of your posts while I'm gone but probably not post anything myself. This is unexpected trip so..... Have a healthy, happy holiday and I'll be back next year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Station
Sue from the Magpie's Nest has a meme on her favorite things during the holidays. Here are some of mine. 1. Handmade decorations, especially those made by family members. This station was made by my dad in his retirement years. He had a bone disease in his leg and did crafts to keep this mind and hands busy. The detail is really neat.
2. I love German Christmas cookies. These are molasses based and have candied fruit. The original recipe called for lard and after the ingredients were mixed up, the dough was to be covered tightly (to keep the mice out) and put in the attic (to cool). Of course, I used shortening and a refrigerator. They were made ahead of time and stored in tins like a fruit cake. They really made a big batch so I got to eat them daily for a long time. I found this recipe when I was a young mother.
3. I love to sing in my soprano voice the old fashion Christmas carols like It Came Upon the Midnight Clear and Joy to the World.
4. Like Sue, I like all the sappy old TV Christmas movies.
5. My favorite gifts both to give and to receive have always been books and things I can create.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This and That

I'm back in my FL home after dog sitting for my DD's dogs for a few days. The bottom pic is one of her dogs. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the other one. Everything went fine. It was very hot (86 degrees) but I hate to complain knowing the miserable weather up north and out west. I was pretty lazy. I read Ordinary Heroes which I'd been meaning to do for some time and really enjoyed it. It is a novel but has a solid historical foundation (WWII). Very well written. It amazes me all the work an author does to research the facts in a book like this. Before Kipper and I came home, my DD gave him a hair cut. It is not easy to do with all his layers of fur and hair but he is much cooler now.

A bit ago I went to an arts and crafts show/sale. I just had to buy several things. I guess I'm a real sucker for hand made items. I prefer to call it having an appreciation for individual creations of all sorts. Anyway I bought some things including the bench in the first pic. I had the snow man figure from a prior sale and he needed a bench. This is my porch and I have a pot of basal and a some chives growing.

A bit ago a saw this kitty fabric in a store and just had to have it. It is washed but not ironed but you can see how cute it is. I showed it to my DD who reminded me I didn't have any very young grandchildren any more. (Youngest is almost 7.) Gosh, I liked it myself. Maybe I'm getting to my second childhood. No idea what I'll do with this fabric but I have it.

When I got home, I had lots of mail including a card and Santa to finish making from Finn. It was so exciting. I have always liked gifts that let me make something with them and I have tended to choose them for children's gifts too. As a child I liked paper dolls, paint sets, beads to string and fabric to weave. Oh, lots of books too. My family is definitely a book family.

I've got fabric out on my dining room table that is converted to cutting and working table but not sure what I'll do or when I'll do it. Hope everyone's holiday plans are coming along fine.
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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fabric Update

I've been struggling with how to make top and /0r bottom borders to lengthen my 4 four patch rose posy quilt. The first pic shows where I'm at just now. I've had it with trying to decide what to do and am going to try to finish.

Second pic shows part of my FL stash out on my porch to show it's true colors. I think I don't have much of a stash here as compared with my MI one but when I drag it out, it looks like so much more.

Third pic is my converted sewing room. As you can see, it used to be a dining room. The early morning sun is reflected in the mirror and shows my front windows. Those two stacks from the porch are piled on the left of the second shelf from the top. Yes, there is a lot of fabric. Then why can't I find anything I'm happy with? The dining table is used for my cutting board. How about that bag! I won it from Joyce back a bit ago and just love it! Thanks again, Joyce.

Why did I get all these fabrics out last night? I thought I might do Bonnie's mystery quilt. I have such a terrible time choosing colors. I really need help with it. I finally choose the three fabrics in the last pic. Will I get them cut and sewn? Maybe. Maybe not. I really need to make a "to do" list and see what needs done now! I'm going to my DD house to dog sit for a few days. I keep thinking of all the things I could take with me to get done. It's enough for four weeks instead of four days. Oh, me.

Have a nice sunny quilty day!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Problem and Progress

Yesterday I went to Hancock's to get some backing for my UFO Celtic Christmas design. I found some nice heavy black interfacing. Just what I needed. Was it fusible? I read, "Place shiny adhesive side up...Use a hot steam iron at wool setting...." Yes this is perfect. At home I started cutting out the shape and told myself to make sure to use a scrap and check how the fusing worked. Well, it didn't. Hum.... Read the directions. I must have faulty stuff. Oh here are some different directions. Oh, me. The plastic insert has directions for three types of interfacing. One is for single-sided fusible, one for double sided fusible and one for firm smooth stabilizer (no adhesive). I had bought the nonfusible. The back is definitely a different color and texture than the front. Humm. I had no idea they would have instructions for multiple stabilizers inside the bolt of one of them. I had already cut it so decided to glue it to my mat. Glad it is done and I sure learned something - to always ask the sales clerk even if I think I know the answer.

I looked at the cut off corners of the blocks from my quilt before the sashings were added. Just had to finish them too. Neat little things, huh? They'll finish 5 inches. The bottom pic is taken in the sun on my porch floor without flash to show you the true colors. I was thinking I'd use them some way to make my currently square flimsy longer. But wouldn't they make a darling pillow?. Hummm. I also bought some fabric to use for borders but forgot to take a pic of it. I use the laundromat at the recreation building of my mobile home park. It is close and not as expensive as commercial ones but a headache when I want to prep fabric.

Sunny today. Much better than the high 70's with 85% humidity yesterday.

Ready or not December is here. Have a great day.
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