Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anne's Quilt
I have lots of things I'm thinking about writing but...soon maybe. However, I have been enjoying reading about quilters and projects. It is nice to be able to read past posts. Yesterday I spent time enjoying Quiltgranny Sharon. Great site.

I also checked into Beth Ferrier's site ( I've watched it develop for years. I especially like her comments on her home page. She lives only aobut 50 miles from me so I consider her a neighbor. Really, with this internet, we are all neighbors but she lives in a place where I have physically been. I have made a huge quilt for my DDin-law based on one of Beth's patterns. It is from oriential-type fabrics and started out to be king size. The pictures are with it on my king size bed but Anne's bed is so elevated that I had to add a huge border. It wasn't originally made for her but she fell in love with it so I gave it to her. Her family is big on birthday presents while our family only shares greeting with the adults. I told her it was her birthday present for the rest of her life. Every year on her birthday she sends me a thank you note for her quilt. VBS

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Weird Things

Sleep patterns and habits seem to be something that many people consider weird about themselves. Me too.

I fall sleep very quickly, sleep deeply and need a lot of sleep. My husband, who had problems falling asleep, couldn't believe I actually fell asleep so quickly. Sometimes he would talk to me after a few minutes and I would complain that he had woke me up. At first he didn't believe that I was actually asleep but then he learned to listen for my breathing to change and knew I was asleep. Recently, I discovered that my daughter actually beats me to sleep. She was sleeping (and purring) in less than a munite. (Suppose we were cats in our prior lives?)

I have always needed at least nine hours of sleep each night, often ten hours is better. And I am a very deep sleeper which means I am hard to wake up. I was a sleep-walker and bed-wetter as a child. I seldom hear storms at ngiht. Everyone said that when I had babies, this would change. I really don't know if this would have been true because my husband, who heard every sound, always woke me up saying, "Don't you hear the baby crying?" Maybe I continued my deep sleep since I knew he would be on watch for me throughout the night.

I can only go so long without sleep. When I reach my limit, there is no keeping me awake. I've laid down in airports and during late night talk sessions. I don't need a full dose of anesthesia and any drug that has a sleepy side-effect makes it impossible for me to stay awake. I've envied people who have extra hours during their day to do so many things, while I'm just snoozing away.

Sure interesting how many of us have "weird" sleep patterns and habits. Maybe the "weird" is normal and that rare "normal" person is the weird one. :) I meant to write about quilting today but guess it can wait until tomorrow. After all, sleep is a part of any good quilt. Right?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Afraid I didn't expect the recovery from my partial knee replacement to be so difficult. The knee itself was not the problem but the calf muscles were. Apparently they were very stressed during surgery and have been cramping constantly. Lots of meds and physical therapy. Tomorrow will be three weeks and I move from home therapy to out-patient which is to include some muscle treatment. And I can drive. And my anticoagulation meds stop and I can restart my arthritis anti-inflammation med. So today I'm saying goodbye to my struggle and looking forward to better days.

Dear Daughter
Everyday I'm so grateful for three wonderful children, but today I am especially grateful for my daughter who has spent the last three weeks with me. She used a week of her vacation (the rest was comp time) and came from PA. She was wonderful the whole time, and not just with the cooking and laundry, but with dealing with all the medical issues and keeping my spirits up. I am an independent person and it was hard for me to accept that I needed help, but I did and what a lucky person I am to have such a caring daughter who knew it, regardless of what I said. Thanks to her will never be enough, and to her family too.

Back to Quilting
So this morning my daughter left MI for her home and job in PA and I am moving from struggling will my medical problem to finishing my recovery. When I was able, I've really enjoyed reading so many very interesting quilting blogs. Beginning tomorrow I'll be back to writing. BS

Monday, April 17, 2006

While recovering from my knee surgery, I have been enjoying a lap quilt I recently finished. I saw this fabric, loved it and it has been waiting so very long in my stash. It was so busy I wasn't sure what to use with it. Finally I came up with a complimentary gold. Then I played with this pattern which has half squares in the corners of the blocks.

It's looks like octogons, even if not accurate. The pics are not showing the color good. It is 50 by 69 inches and I named it StarBurst. It is polly filled and long armed quilted by credit card. The back is left overs. Nice utility quilt that doesn't show spills and washes and dries great. I bound it just before my surgery and it is serving me very well.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Back!
Look who is back! VBS Just in case you ever have my problem which was caused by changing internet providers which made the blogger think I was a different person and wouldn't let me in, write to them explaining the situation and they will change your account to have the correct new e-mail. It took some time, persistence and patience but it worked. I was ready to pay a geek so am really proud of myself.

Now I have so much I want to post about my quilting and no time. I must go get this knee taken care of but just give me another week or so and you won't be able to shut me up. What a nice gift to have my blog site back. I'm sure that my looking forward to getting back to it will hurry my recovery along. See you soon. :)