Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anne's Quilt
I have lots of things I'm thinking about writing but...soon maybe. However, I have been enjoying reading about quilters and projects. It is nice to be able to read past posts. Yesterday I spent time enjoying Quiltgranny Sharon. Great site.

I also checked into Beth Ferrier's site ( I've watched it develop for years. I especially like her comments on her home page. She lives only aobut 50 miles from me so I consider her a neighbor. Really, with this internet, we are all neighbors but she lives in a place where I have physically been. I have made a huge quilt for my DDin-law based on one of Beth's patterns. It is from oriential-type fabrics and started out to be king size. The pictures are with it on my king size bed but Anne's bed is so elevated that I had to add a huge border. It wasn't originally made for her but she fell in love with it so I gave it to her. Her family is big on birthday presents while our family only shares greeting with the adults. I told her it was her birthday present for the rest of her life. Every year on her birthday she sends me a thank you note for her quilt. VBS

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Finn said...

Oh my, now that is a BEAUTY!! You should be very, very proud of that effort!! What a huge, and beautiful quilt....I can see why she loves it! Thanks for sharing..good to see you back again!! Hugs, Finn

Tropical Screamer said...

The quilt is so beautiful. And to have it fit her bed so nicely. No wonder she sends a thank you note each year.

I hope you're having a nice day.


Shelina said...

Oh wow, this is beautiful! Beth does make great designs, doesn't she. So, are you making her newer ones? I am working on two of hers this year. Her 2004 Moondance and 2006 Lilibeth's Garden. They are both super. Lilibeth's is a lot less difficult than Moondance.