Friday, February 16, 2007

Going, Going, Gone

I'm going traveling for the next few weeks. I may be able to check in sometimes but just know I'm off having fun and I will be back. Katie

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Goody Goody

Blogger is letting me post pics from picasa. But it won't let me write in red. I'll take it.

How do you like this pattern? I wish it was fabric. Sorry. :( It is my porch floor after three coats of concrete stain. I'm using my pattern creativity there. VBS Rather be quilting but...
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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here's A Few More Things

Do you remember Berma Shave signs along the highway? How about the wooden doors outside the house where coal was dumped into Michigan basements. A Michigan basement has very wide earthen walls with a coat of cement. Blue canning jars with wire tops. Spring cleaning that included taking the rugs outside to beat them and washing the wall paper with some kind of paste. Wringer washing machines. My DH's mother in Arkansas finally got one operated with a hand crank but this was a big step from her washboard. Razor straps to sharpen the blades. Shoe horns. Oh, here's a good one. Getting your hair permed (fried) by being hooked up to electric curlers. Fun remembering!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finn's Challenge

Finn has put out a challenge to tell about something from days gone by that has now changed completely.

I too remember the oleo that had to have the capsule broken and mixed with the margarine to turn it yellow. It tasted as terrible as it sounds. Did any of you ever make snow cream? You go out and get a big pan of fresh snow. Then you stir in regular Pet milk, sugar and vanilla. Eat right away. Very good. Not such a good idea now that we know what all can be in water, whether frozen or not, that falls from the sky. When our kids were small, we made ice cream in a machine where we had to turn the crank by hand until it got to hard to turn and then the ice cream was made. I preferred the custard mix I made from scrap. I have a friend who remembers hand churning to make butter. Anyone remember the crocks of sauerkraut and pickles? How about drinking raw milk from the hand-milked cows or how the cream from that milk came to the top? My family never made sausage with real pig intestines but my DH and friend's families did. Leaving the food for a minute, do yo remember checking to see if your hose seam was straight? And how about that garter belt the held them up? And how about girdles? I've heard Oprah tell about her dad making her wear them, too. Oh, my. I wonder what would have happened if someone saw us jiggle. Our clothes weren't that tight anyway. Different from today, huh?
Golden Oldies

I enjoy this music and always have. This week I had the treat of hearing it sung in person by Rich Little. He was at the local civic center. He sure didn't look his age of 68. I knew he mimicked speaking voices and body postures and actions but I had no idea he sang such wonderful impersonations too. He sure doesn't look his age of 68 and has a truly wonderful singing voice range. He did all his golden oldies personalities, the Presidents and some current popular figures. His jokes were new and funny and I really enjoyed his show.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Quilt Break

Sorry no pic today. They are so hard to post now anyway. I'm taking a bit of a quilting break - at least from the doing but not from the thinking about. With no quilting to talk about I'm going to ramble a bit. Just to let those interested in quilting only to skip the rest.

Yesterday I stopped to look at the sunshine. I was riding my bike through my senior park here in Florida, where many of the trees had recently been trimmed. As I came around a corner, I looked up at a particularly tall palm and noticed the sun highlighting the fonds above me. I stopped and let the beauty move from my eyes to some recess of my brain where I'd remember the feel of it. I know I should only feel what touches my skin but I use the term also for what I see,or hear or smell. Just as my body needs food, my spirit needs these feelings.

I remember that as a child I had no need for this. Whenever we traveled in our car, my mother always chided me to notice the fields, trees and whatever else she found of such interest. As quickly as I could, I returned to whatever book I was reading. I never left home without one.

So when did this change? I do remember a day when I was thirty-something and living a rushing around, stressful life. I was driving home and saw some wild flowers in the road ditch. I actually stopped my car and really looked at them. Ever since, and it seems more than ever as I've reached my senior years, I am aware of the food my spirit needs and sometimes gets from sunshine on a tree.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Borders Done
I put borders on the half yard challenge and the top is done. I also did mitered corners which I haven't done in years. The second pic shows some orange fabric (different than the one used in the top) for the backing. I don't know when or how I'll get it quilted. Things I learned: Plan ahead. Black print can be a bold color (rather than the background I thought it would be). Two bold fabrics, out of four, are too much. A really bold color, such as this orange, only needs tiny pieces. A definite repeated pattern is better for some quilts. It is better to use more than four fabrics. Mitered corners need practice. Use a decent sewing machine. I can learn from results I'm very unhappy with. Just hope I can remember these lessons.
I'm not sure about the exact date, but I was blogging on Mismatched Quilter by January 2006. I lost that month in a computer problem and was down with major computer problems later in the year. Also down for some time with my knee surgery and then there were travel times. So I was surprised to see I had posted 260 times from 2/06 to 2/07. Most were quilting related too. Now if I only was that prolific with the sewing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming friends this year. VBS

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So Good

After trying forever to get the correct three pics posted, I give up.

Kipper was in my driveway when a man came to check on my roof. Pointing to Kipper, the man asked if that was what happened to the last guy that came to my home. LOL


Friday, February 02, 2007

Down But Not Out

I was very unhappy about my 1/2 yard challenge result. I had trouble with the sewing machine and accurate cutting resulting in all kinds of sewing problems. Most of all I was upset with my poor planning. And not happy with the fabric colors. Everything can't be successful and this was definitely not for me. Hope I remember some lessons for the problems I created. I wanted to just gather it all up and throw it someplace. But I couldn't put it in the garbage and knew I'd just have it haunting me if it went into a cupboard. So I cut it all up and sewed the pieces together. I got a dozen 12 1/2' squares that are flat. I considered orange sashings but think I have decided to just sew them together and border with the orange.
We're OK
Just wanted to let anyone who is wondering that we are okay after the nearby tornado in central FL. More later. Katie