Saturday, February 10, 2007

Finn's Challenge

Finn has put out a challenge to tell about something from days gone by that has now changed completely.

I too remember the oleo that had to have the capsule broken and mixed with the margarine to turn it yellow. It tasted as terrible as it sounds. Did any of you ever make snow cream? You go out and get a big pan of fresh snow. Then you stir in regular Pet milk, sugar and vanilla. Eat right away. Very good. Not such a good idea now that we know what all can be in water, whether frozen or not, that falls from the sky. When our kids were small, we made ice cream in a machine where we had to turn the crank by hand until it got to hard to turn and then the ice cream was made. I preferred the custard mix I made from scrap. I have a friend who remembers hand churning to make butter. Anyone remember the crocks of sauerkraut and pickles? How about drinking raw milk from the hand-milked cows or how the cream from that milk came to the top? My family never made sausage with real pig intestines but my DH and friend's families did. Leaving the food for a minute, do yo remember checking to see if your hose seam was straight? And how about that garter belt the held them up? And how about girdles? I've heard Oprah tell about her dad making her wear them, too. Oh, my. I wonder what would have happened if someone saw us jiggle. Our clothes weren't that tight anyway. Different from today, huh?

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