Friday, February 02, 2007

Down But Not Out

I was very unhappy about my 1/2 yard challenge result. I had trouble with the sewing machine and accurate cutting resulting in all kinds of sewing problems. Most of all I was upset with my poor planning. And not happy with the fabric colors. Everything can't be successful and this was definitely not for me. Hope I remember some lessons for the problems I created. I wanted to just gather it all up and throw it someplace. But I couldn't put it in the garbage and knew I'd just have it haunting me if it went into a cupboard. So I cut it all up and sewed the pieces together. I got a dozen 12 1/2' squares that are flat. I considered orange sashings but think I have decided to just sew them together and border with the orange.


paula, the quilter said...

You are right. This doesn't work. IMHO I think there might be *too much* orange. Sometimes a little goes a long way. Just sayin'.

quiltpixie said...

They are much improved by the slice and dice you did! I like it without the sashing, and maybe something to tie it (rather than quilt as it goes fast ande if its not a favorite why waste the time quilting?)that bridges the organge to dark?