Friday, February 09, 2007

Quilt Break

Sorry no pic today. They are so hard to post now anyway. I'm taking a bit of a quilting break - at least from the doing but not from the thinking about. With no quilting to talk about I'm going to ramble a bit. Just to let those interested in quilting only to skip the rest.

Yesterday I stopped to look at the sunshine. I was riding my bike through my senior park here in Florida, where many of the trees had recently been trimmed. As I came around a corner, I looked up at a particularly tall palm and noticed the sun highlighting the fonds above me. I stopped and let the beauty move from my eyes to some recess of my brain where I'd remember the feel of it. I know I should only feel what touches my skin but I use the term also for what I see,or hear or smell. Just as my body needs food, my spirit needs these feelings.

I remember that as a child I had no need for this. Whenever we traveled in our car, my mother always chided me to notice the fields, trees and whatever else she found of such interest. As quickly as I could, I returned to whatever book I was reading. I never left home without one.

So when did this change? I do remember a day when I was thirty-something and living a rushing around, stressful life. I was driving home and saw some wild flowers in the road ditch. I actually stopped my car and really looked at them. Ever since, and it seems more than ever as I've reached my senior years, I am aware of the food my spirit needs and sometimes gets from sunshine on a tree.


paula, the quilter said...

Today as I was walking back from the coffee shop I really noticed the block wall of a church I pass. When did it get the curve? A hundred years ago when it was built. And I just noticed it.

Angie said...

What a lovely post, Katie! I'm a bookaholic too, but the older I get the more my spirit needs those 'feelings' from 'sunlight through a tree' too. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with us!