Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Goody Goody

Blogger is letting me post pics from picasa. But it won't let me write in red. I'll take it.

How do you like this pattern? I wish it was fabric. Sorry. :( It is my porch floor after three coats of concrete stain. I'm using my pattern creativity there. VBS Rather be quilting but...
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Shelina said...

That is a very pretty pattern. You could print it on some fabric, and then you would have fabric. Or else you can use it as wallpaper for your desktop or your blog.

Libby said...

Wow - that's a nice stain. I have wanted to do something like that for some time. Somehow it's easier to want to do it than actually get the job done *s*

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I'm going to give you a four for one here..LOL. I've been sewing so much(and doing income tax, and cleaning house) and am way behind in reading.
I too, remember the Burma Shave signs well from my teen years. I think there is site full of them if you google the name. And margarine that needed coloring, and bread that came in wax paper bags, push clothes pins and wringer washer, side button and zip jeans, meat wrapped in white paper and tied with string. So much, so much, so changed. Good memories tho. My mom used Evening in Paris perfume, and I loved the colbalt blue bottle.
Thanks for looking back at pieces from your scrapbag.
Regarding the food for your spirit, yet, it's part of what makes you YOU. People are often so surprised(including my therapist) that some of us have smell, color, position of the sun and shadow memories to go with the events. I almost always can take myself to the place, and smell the sun baked dustiness, and slant of the shadows that go with memories. The sound of rain falling, the chirp of the night creatures. The crunch of the snow, the rattle and faint dusty smell as coal went down the shoot to the basement.
I'm so glad you realized that your inside needed what your eyes and ears and nose add to the visual picture of your days. Big hugs for you and Kipper my dear friend, Finn