Saturday, June 30, 2007

Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do

Wow, where did that song come from? One left over from my dad's generation. Anyway, my front yard has an abundance of them. Finn sent me over a big rain which knocked the temp down so I'm outdoors pulling weeds.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three More

I'm now trying to figure out which other words I want to make. Of course Sputnik started all this 50 years ago. I had been waiting to make it, trying to decide if it needed a special color or something. I decided to just use a nice blue I had. I like how it turned out. Then I decided to do Titan. Without it none of the rest would have made it into space. When I was in HS, my history/government teacher told us that we could never send a ship into space because the fuel was to heavy. Titan was what made this happen. And then Hubble showed us all those marvelous pictures. Other ships began the space communications industry and taught us so much about our own earth. I have a long list but think I am about done. The Mercury ships had individual names and I think I'll add Freedom. Does anyone have a name that jumps out and I have missed? Please let me know.

I wanted another yellow but not a super bright one. This one looks good, even if the pic doesn't show it, but I may couch it too. My child sure played wild with Hubble. I had to redo one of the Bs twice and that U is sure short. I really like Tonya's comment that they have personality. They do and I guess I'm not sure I love Hubble's. But they should have different personalities, I think and I don't have to love all of them. I tipped Hubble to show how I think it should be placed. The reason they are not trimmed is because I have no idea how they will go together. I also need to figure out if I want to put a title and if so what and where. I haven't planned much and have to lay it out to see what it tells me to do next.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Day
Here's my latest way to keep cool. Slushy. I don't have an ice maker in my refrig so bought an ice shaver. Noisy, but I love the result. Add some sugar free syrup and hum, hum good.
For the curious, that thing under my upper cupboard is a jar opener. Works great. Also in pic is my bread box with a wooden train on top. Reminds me of an orphan train I want to work on but just now I'm so addicted to making letters. We have been very active in space over the last 50 years. In case you forgot, Venera made the first soft landing on Mars.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where Is He?

Where is my dog? Oh, there he is. Sorry I woke you, Kipper.

These were taken last Saturday when the weather was so nice. Both of us will be inside critters today with the temp in the 90s.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What I Did Saturday

Top pic is what I (okay, what a young man and I did) Saturday. It was such a perfect weather day. This year they opened a green house about a half mile from me.
I had bought some flower there a few weeks ago. On Saturday the owner came by and said they had way too many flowers left and rather than throw them away I could come over and get a free flat. Gosh, can't refuse that, now can I? I got a flat of red,white, and blue petunias. This area had become a disaster after a storm broke my wishing well that I had over my well, two pots bit the dust and a rose bush died. I found the edging when we cleaned out the garage a week ago. So we jumped in and this was the result. I went back to the green house and bought the two beige pots. The one under the angel is turned over the well. For anyone who doesn't know about wells, you have a post sticking up from the ground about 16 inches. I think it is so someone can find it to change strainers and other repairs. My friends with city water say how lucky I am to have free well water. True only until you need a new well put down, which we've had to do, and then you pay all your water bills at one time. The second pic is in front of my garage. The third is one corner of my porch with my two reading statues and the last one is on the far side of my front door with my welcome cat.

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Two More

I'm on a letter roll now. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling with the letters. Okay, they may be making me a little crazy but I think I was before, so guess I can't blame the letters. Can you identity Shenzhou? Chinese ship in 2003.

Why won't my chair move? Oh, that would do it for sure. Looks to me that half, maybe more than half if I think very optimistically, got in the basket. :)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's on the design wall today?
On the previous post, I just put up some blocks I had so show my design wall. No plan to use the design. Here's a pic of just the yellow theme but no plans for it to be the one either. I don't have a lot of orphaned blocks from any one quilt and I seem to make all different themed and colored quilts. Many of my orphan blocks were made to try some idea. Now I do put whatever blocks and fabric left from a quilt into one plastic bag so could make more but I loved the idea of making all or most of a quilt from blocks already made. I made Autum Walk last winter based on one orphan block. Maybe that will be my way. Just now my #1 project is my space quilt. Here are two more. American ships sure have long names. I seem to be getting more uniform and less whonky with the names. I must be sure to let my child out when making them. I also decided to try couching the pale names with a matching color. See the "E" in the bottom pic. I like it. Enough to make the letters stand out but not so much so distract. These letters are very addicting and fun to make, even if they do take time.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Design Wall
Here is my closet doors in my sewing room. And a look inside. I hammered a nail at the top on each outside top corner of the doors. Later they can be pulled and the holes won't show. Poked a couple holes in my cover and I had a design wall. I put up some orphan blocks. I think all my orphans have been left too long and have grown into teenagers. Oh, well, I'll see.
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Monday, June 18, 2007

More Space Blocks

Two more blocks for my space quilt done. I'm not sure about these pale colors. Some letters can be frustrating, especially when I keep making the same mistake. I know it is telling me to quit for a while.

I found my fabric I had to make a design wall. Thinking about hanging it over my sewing room closet door. Of course then I won't be able to open it. Anxious to try some orphan blocks. Sewing room really needs cleaned. Making letters results in lots of small scraps which didn't make the waste basket.

Finn sent over some of her 90 degree weather but just for the day. Supposed to be back to 80s tomorrow. We have had beautiful August weather here in MI for early June. Wonder what that means for us in August. Kipper, even with his hair cut, says he'll stay in the house, thank you. My house is well insulated so I haven't had to turn on the AC yet. I open the windows at night and that usually cools the house off. Then in the morning I shut all the windows and run my furnace and ceiling fans. I've been painting the trim on my kitchen windows in preparation of installing insulated blinds. My handyman is gone and was suppose to be back today but is delayed until Wednesday. Sure wish I had those shades up. It is the west side of my house and that afternoon sun really heats it up. Hope everyone is enjoying or coping with the weather in their places in our world.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not Quite Orphans
I am only able to post 4 pics at a time so you are getting several today. After cleaning the garage yesterday :(, I got into the bottom shelf of my sewing room to see what was there. Getting down and up off the floor is not the easiest thing to do any more so everything on that shelf gets pretty neglected. The top pic is painted on knit fabric but it is 100% cotton. Other pic was going to be a pic gift but..... Suppose to be vertical I think. A lot of hand work on middle.

I need a design wall. I have the fabric but no place to put it up in my sewing room. Thinking of making one in my den but hate to make it a permanent one. I usually use the bed in my spare bedroom but not good for the back to arrange the blocks and nor to really "see" them. Any ideas?
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This and That
Top are left overs from my DGS's baby wall hanging quilt. Have I posted a pic of it? Second are couple blocks left over from tulip quilt that I think just needs sandwiched and quilted. Maybe it needs to be make larger. Third are left overs from two quilts I made. Wonder if I have pics of them. One was HS grad gift and one gift for my friend. Bottom is cruel work pictures and I'm been thinking of trying to make them into a quilt. I have more.

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More Finds
Top are experients that you've seen before. Second is idea that I turned into a quilt using another color. Third is my sewing room bed quilt - also that you have seen. Bottom is first quilting class I took and this is as far as it went.

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First one was made into a vest a long time ago. Sure needs an iron's touch but I figured if I did that, I'd never get to the pics and that's what I wanted to do. Second are stack and whack that never went any further. Third was to be another hot pad but got orphaned. Last is left over from my DGD's graduation quilt.

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