Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I got the binding machine sewed on my Hawaiian quilt. Nice evening project to hand stitch it down. My handyman is here cleaning and painting my basement but only I can sort and purge all the stuff down there. So hard for me to do as I'm a real keeper. Some because I may need it someday and some because it has sentimental meaning to me. But I've been trying. So much really needs a new home. Now I have a lot of it moved to my garage and the car moved to the driveway. Another of my bad habits- moving things around instead of making decisions about them. I started filling some boxes with things to go to the Senior Citizens' rummage sale, but they won't take them until July. Maybe I should just give them to GoodWill now.

Lots of rain here the last few days. Got me thinking. I love a straight-down rain. Is that a shower? No thunder. No lightening. As a kid, I loved to play in it. Usually striped down to just my panties. I would run and dance. Bending, my face to the droplets. What freedom! Today I sat on my porch and was tempted. Memories will do. Later the lightening flashed and thunder rolled. Rain beat my windows, pushed by a raging wind. I looked to see if there was hale. None, but so much power. I remember a cabin with a tin roof that my folks once owned. Any rain made so much noise - like stones being thrown down on it. My mother loved the sound. Not for me. I'd say, "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day." I'd also add, "When I'm not here."


Libby said...

It is such fun to play in a gentle rain - next time you and Kipper should go out and play ball *s*

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what a lovely post *VBS* Do keep rummaging around and pulling out the 'pieces' to share, playing in the rain, the tin roof. Even the turmoil about the 'keep' 'going'...such a part of life as we age.
We must be kindred spirits,LOL, or do you have an October birthday and have trouble making decisions?? I'm always torn at least 2 ways on every decision.
I'd opt for keeping the things for the Senior Center, probably the funds could be better used by them. Goodwill does aggrivate me at times.
I've been trying to come up the courage to part with my books..not the quilting books, those will stay to the very end I hope, as will my favorites.
I'm having trouble letting go of the ones I really liked and have read more than once...odd books like Death Comes To The Archbishop...why that should have a hold one me I don't know..maybe the NM connection.
Anyway, hang in there!! I'm looking forward to the help from Kipper with the wiring..*VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Shelina said...

Good for you for getting the binding sewn on. I look forward to seeing the finished product!

I have a hard time with clutter too. I think it multiplies. I am trying to slowly give up things a little bit at a time, the flylady way.

I like playing in the gentle rain too. You're never too old for that. Usually, I just walk somewhere and pretend that I forgot my umbrella!

Norma said...

Clutter is taking over my LIFE!

I have always lived under the "maybe someone could use that" way of thinking. Now if I could just find that SOMEONE! I donate as much as I can but like to donate where I KNOW it is going to good use. Some organizations have so much "organization" to them that it gets used up in administrative costs before it gets where it needs to go. So the clutter grows and grows. My poor kids when something happens to us both and they have to sort through this mountain of things that someone could use!