Thursday, June 21, 2007

What's on the design wall today?
On the previous post, I just put up some blocks I had so show my design wall. No plan to use the design. Here's a pic of just the yellow theme but no plans for it to be the one either. I don't have a lot of orphaned blocks from any one quilt and I seem to make all different themed and colored quilts. Many of my orphan blocks were made to try some idea. Now I do put whatever blocks and fabric left from a quilt into one plastic bag so could make more but I loved the idea of making all or most of a quilt from blocks already made. I made Autum Walk last winter based on one orphan block. Maybe that will be my way. Just now my #1 project is my space quilt. Here are two more. American ships sure have long names. I seem to be getting more uniform and less whonky with the names. I must be sure to let my child out when making them. I also decided to try couching the pale names with a matching color. See the "E" in the bottom pic. I like it. Enough to make the letters stand out but not so much so distract. These letters are very addicting and fun to make, even if they do take time.
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sossy said...

New to your blog so looked through several old ones. I love the space quilt. It is a great idea and can't wait to see it finished. I had visited Kennedy Space Center before Columbia exploded and afterwards decided to make a quilt. Had some coloring pages from my visit and traced them for embroidery and then had planet fabric that I used for borders. Also added some patches with the space shuttle and Nasa and one with the names of those who died on the shuttle.

candyschultz said...

Katie how are you? I have seven cats staying in my house right now and I want to know if cat fur serves the same purpose as dog fur.