Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hot Day
Here's my latest way to keep cool. Slushy. I don't have an ice maker in my refrig so bought an ice shaver. Noisy, but I love the result. Add some sugar free syrup and hum, hum good.
For the curious, that thing under my upper cupboard is a jar opener. Works great. Also in pic is my bread box with a wooden train on top. Reminds me of an orphan train I want to work on but just now I'm so addicted to making letters. We have been very active in space over the last 50 years. In case you forgot, Venera made the first soft landing on Mars.
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Libby said...

Your shave ice treat sounds like a delicious way to stay cool on these hot summer days.
I keep hoping to see "Titan" for your aerospace challenge quilt. My hometown has very close ties to the Titan and Titan II missles. I remember running out of the classroom in elementary school when we heard the rumble of a launch to watch the missles soar into the sky and try to keep an eye on it until all the payloads had dropped off.
Such a funny place, my hometown - agriculture and aerospace *s*

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Venera. I wouldn't have been able to come up with that name on a bet. Mir I know at least. I love your letters - they have so much personality.

Shelina said...

The ice shaver sounds wonderful. You're doing such a great job on the letters, I haven't even started mine yet, and I only have one word to do! Are you measuring in any way? Like if the quilt is so many inches across, then each letter should be about so many inches?

Finn said...

Katie, Katie, I turn my back for just a moment and you are air born, achieving breakaway, and entering amaze me!!

This letter project really has carried you up, up and away...*VBS* I remember most of the space program well, but not with the pinpoint clarity that you are displaying. We were station in Oregon in 1960-61(I think it was, they were just building the Space Needle in Seattle) and we stood outside in the very darkest part of night, and watched Spudnick go over us in it's orbit. Seems like a million years ago.
My strongest memories are Apollo 13, and of course, the Challenger disaster. My only connection is to the Titan missiles. My Uncle Jim helped build the missile silos across the midwest. He also had been a welder on the Mackinac Bridge. I look forward to seeing what your orphans will become, but not to worry about it...keep up the momentum on this one as long as it lasts!! Hugs, Finn