Monday, June 18, 2007

More Space Blocks

Two more blocks for my space quilt done. I'm not sure about these pale colors. Some letters can be frustrating, especially when I keep making the same mistake. I know it is telling me to quit for a while.

I found my fabric I had to make a design wall. Thinking about hanging it over my sewing room closet door. Of course then I won't be able to open it. Anxious to try some orphan blocks. Sewing room really needs cleaned. Making letters results in lots of small scraps which didn't make the waste basket.

Finn sent over some of her 90 degree weather but just for the day. Supposed to be back to 80s tomorrow. We have had beautiful August weather here in MI for early June. Wonder what that means for us in August. Kipper, even with his hair cut, says he'll stay in the house, thank you. My house is well insulated so I haven't had to turn on the AC yet. I open the windows at night and that usually cools the house off. Then in the morning I shut all the windows and run my furnace and ceiling fans. I've been painting the trim on my kitchen windows in preparation of installing insulated blinds. My handyman is gone and was suppose to be back today but is delayed until Wednesday. Sure wish I had those shades up. It is the west side of my house and that afternoon sun really heats it up. Hope everyone is enjoying or coping with the weather in their places in our world.
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Libby said...

90 degrees in June - oh my. It's a good thing you are staying cool.

Lazy Gal Tonya R said...

I am loving these letters. The wonderful pentagon Os and a U with four "sides." I love that you are doign these your own way. But I'm taking notes! I'll have to try some of your groovy letters. Admittedly the colors are a little pale and low contrast. That would be the only part that concerned me. You do a fabulous job at construction tho.

Norma said...

I love the letters! Someday I plan to try some but right now they seem like Greek! Think it is something you just need to play with for a while? Then I figure after you play a while and figure it out, they might take over your life!