Sunday, June 24, 2007

What I Did Saturday

Top pic is what I (okay, what a young man and I did) Saturday. It was such a perfect weather day. This year they opened a green house about a half mile from me.
I had bought some flower there a few weeks ago. On Saturday the owner came by and said they had way too many flowers left and rather than throw them away I could come over and get a free flat. Gosh, can't refuse that, now can I? I got a flat of red,white, and blue petunias. This area had become a disaster after a storm broke my wishing well that I had over my well, two pots bit the dust and a rose bush died. I found the edging when we cleaned out the garage a week ago. So we jumped in and this was the result. I went back to the green house and bought the two beige pots. The one under the angel is turned over the well. For anyone who doesn't know about wells, you have a post sticking up from the ground about 16 inches. I think it is so someone can find it to change strainers and other repairs. My friends with city water say how lucky I am to have free well water. True only until you need a new well put down, which we've had to do, and then you pay all your water bills at one time. The second pic is in front of my garage. The third is one corner of my porch with my two reading statues and the last one is on the far side of my front door with my welcome cat.

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