Saturday, December 01, 2007

Problem and Progress

Yesterday I went to Hancock's to get some backing for my UFO Celtic Christmas design. I found some nice heavy black interfacing. Just what I needed. Was it fusible? I read, "Place shiny adhesive side up...Use a hot steam iron at wool setting...." Yes this is perfect. At home I started cutting out the shape and told myself to make sure to use a scrap and check how the fusing worked. Well, it didn't. Hum.... Read the directions. I must have faulty stuff. Oh here are some different directions. Oh, me. The plastic insert has directions for three types of interfacing. One is for single-sided fusible, one for double sided fusible and one for firm smooth stabilizer (no adhesive). I had bought the nonfusible. The back is definitely a different color and texture than the front. Humm. I had no idea they would have instructions for multiple stabilizers inside the bolt of one of them. I had already cut it so decided to glue it to my mat. Glad it is done and I sure learned something - to always ask the sales clerk even if I think I know the answer.

I looked at the cut off corners of the blocks from my quilt before the sashings were added. Just had to finish them too. Neat little things, huh? They'll finish 5 inches. The bottom pic is taken in the sun on my porch floor without flash to show you the true colors. I was thinking I'd use them some way to make my currently square flimsy longer. But wouldn't they make a darling pillow?. Hummm. I also bought some fabric to use for borders but forgot to take a pic of it. I use the laundromat at the recreation building of my mobile home park. It is close and not as expensive as commercial ones but a headache when I want to prep fabric.

Sunny today. Much better than the high 70's with 85% humidity yesterday.

Ready or not December is here. Have a great day.
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Libby said...

*ugh* I, too, have been foiled by the multiple use directions.

Finn said...

What a beautiful Celtic piece...just striking! Love the little posies..they would make a great pillow, or even a tote bag.
Personally I've avoided the fusing stuff as much as possible...way too complicated for me. Sounds like you got it worked out tho. Hugs, Finn

julieQ said...

Such a beautiful Celtic piece!! I got some of the fusible black bias for Celtic one time, and it didn't fuse!! It kept on coming loose and was a pain in the patootie, so I pinned it well and sewed. What beautiful colors you chose!

I am finished with my log cabin you commented on, go take a look if you have time.

Have a wonderful day!