Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fabric Update

I've been struggling with how to make top and /0r bottom borders to lengthen my 4 four patch rose posy quilt. The first pic shows where I'm at just now. I've had it with trying to decide what to do and am going to try to finish.

Second pic shows part of my FL stash out on my porch to show it's true colors. I think I don't have much of a stash here as compared with my MI one but when I drag it out, it looks like so much more.

Third pic is my converted sewing room. As you can see, it used to be a dining room. The early morning sun is reflected in the mirror and shows my front windows. Those two stacks from the porch are piled on the left of the second shelf from the top. Yes, there is a lot of fabric. Then why can't I find anything I'm happy with? The dining table is used for my cutting board. How about that bag! I won it from Joyce back a bit ago and just love it! Thanks again, Joyce.

Why did I get all these fabrics out last night? I thought I might do Bonnie's mystery quilt. I have such a terrible time choosing colors. I really need help with it. I finally choose the three fabrics in the last pic. Will I get them cut and sewn? Maybe. Maybe not. I really need to make a "to do" list and see what needs done now! I'm going to my DD house to dog sit for a few days. I keep thinking of all the things I could take with me to get done. It's enough for four weeks instead of four days. Oh, me.

Have a nice sunny quilty day!

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joyce said...

A sewing room is so much more useful than a dining room. And what a good excuse not to cook a big formal meal. Lol. Love the fabrics and good choice on the mystery fabrics.

Libby said...

Your sewing room looks like the perfect comfy space. As for the stash . . . well sometimes we just want to 'keep' the fabric, not actually use it - maybe it's time for a little retail therapy *s*

Shelina said...

Your four patch posey looks wonderful. So does your celtic quilt - I've been meaning to make one of those for a long while.

Norma said...

I find it hard to believe you have a hard time with color.........your quilts are so striking.

Love the fabric in the sun, might have to try that!

Finn said...

What fun to see where you sew in Florida Katie! Beautiful with the sun shine on the fabric like that. And a good idea to see what color it really is.
Bonnie's mystery isn't suppose to give us holiday headaches...LOL. I think your colors are just fine. It seems like they will only be showing in small amounts and that probably the contrast is the big thing...with the 3 tones you've picked being quite equal in dominance, it may read as a bit flat when they are combined. That's not necessarily a bad thing tho. Just depends on the visual impact you want.
And you cotta stop stressing over borders on the rosy posy...let it jell for awhile, it'll come together *VBS* Big hugs for the dog sitter and the dogs too, Finn