Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Station
Sue from the Magpie's Nest has a meme on her favorite things during the holidays. Here are some of mine. 1. Handmade decorations, especially those made by family members. This station was made by my dad in his retirement years. He had a bone disease in his leg and did crafts to keep this mind and hands busy. The detail is really neat.
2. I love German Christmas cookies. These are molasses based and have candied fruit. The original recipe called for lard and after the ingredients were mixed up, the dough was to be covered tightly (to keep the mice out) and put in the attic (to cool). Of course, I used shortening and a refrigerator. They were made ahead of time and stored in tins like a fruit cake. They really made a big batch so I got to eat them daily for a long time. I found this recipe when I was a young mother.
3. I love to sing in my soprano voice the old fashion Christmas carols like It Came Upon the Midnight Clear and Joy to the World.
4. Like Sue, I like all the sappy old TV Christmas movies.
5. My favorite gifts both to give and to receive have always been books and things I can create.

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Sue in western WA said...

That is a *fantastic* train station! What a cool thing to have :- )

Libby said...

Katie, your station is a treasure . . . no wonder it is one of your favorites. Have a very Merry Christmas *s*

Finn said...

What a wonderful Train Station Katie!! You are soooo very lucky to have things that your Dad made, and things you can use for holiday decorating.
I love the detail!! Hugs, Finn

Quilting Journey said...

You are truly blessed to have this precious gift of not only your dad, but his time and efforts. A lot of his energy went into this and will be with you always, now!