Friday, November 30, 2007

Sing With Me
I was determined to get these blocks together. I'm not a driven person but I could see the end and it was oh so near so.....

First the sewing machine had its say about that. I have a nice Elna machine in MI but just an inexpensive
Simplicity one here. It was making the stitch short and not the length I had selected. I thought it was the feed dogs but they looked okay. Finally I gave up and took it all apart. Bobbin area dirty, of course. Then I decided to take a screw driver and take the top off. Fearing the site of rust, I was surprised to find none. I found a couple places to oil and got it all back together. I checked the needle that I had replaced very recently. Finally I tested and adjusted the tension. Hurrah! She hummed right along making nice stitches. I was trying to get the sewing done so I could watch a TV show. Of course bobbin went empty. Okay, that is fixed and those two rows are done. I'll iron. Oh, no. I flipped them wrong so now must unstitch. But before I went to bed, this much is put together. Not the best picture and needs some ironing (yes on my new board) but you can see that they are all attached to each other. I need to add some type of border on the top and bottom to make it longer. These are not my colors but I had this piece of fabric and am into playing with four patch posy just now. I do like the modified snow ball design. Someone will like it when (notice I didn't say "if") I get it done.

I pulled out my Florida Christmas box of goodies. I think my favorite is the snoozing snowman. I got him at a bazaar sale last year. I had set him out on the porch and sprayed with Fabreeze. Today when I was putting him back in his chair, I discovered he had a thing under his pants in the back for batteries. Would it work? Yup. Would he sing? Nope. What is does is snore and his chest goes in and out. LOL I really relate to his guy.

The last pic are animals I bought several years ago. They don't have batteries and I was afraid they could no longer sing. But sing they still do. The song is We Wish You A Merry Christmas. The cow sings the notes with moo and the cat meow. Sorry I can't send the audio so you really must sing the song using the moo and then the meow. Now isn't that cute?
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Norma said...

Your 4 patch posie is looking great! I do love the Florida snowman--I can relate to him too! LOL

joyce said...

It's looking good. Florida sounds good. It's -14 here. That's cold.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, love the singing animals...LOL Too cute! And the snoring snowman...LOL, what can I say???
Sorry to hear about the machine troubles, but it sounds like you've conquered it! Take care and avoid heatstroke! Hugs, Finn