Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What is that?

I keep getting "stuff" under my ironing board. I clean it and it is back the next day. Hummm So I took a look and found this. That's what FL heat and humidity does. Granted this cover has been on there for several years but so had my cover on my MI ironing board and this hasn't happened. Easy fix. I'll buy a new cover. When I took it off I found a rusted frame. Okay, time for a whole new board. I buy inexpensive irons because they don't do well in this climate either. I expected to replace it but the iron is okay.

I have put some corners on the four patch blocks and like them. Not a true snowball because of the 10" block size. What's next? hummmm

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joyce said...

I buy my ironing boards at the thrift shop. I find old ones sturdier than new ones. The cover costs more than the board.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, love the new project. You have a really nice touch with those 4 patch posie combo blocks. I like the idea of a snowball from them...very creative.
You CAN make 9 patches to match the snowballs you know. Just dig out the calculator and hope it didn't rust!
Take the finish block say(say 10" finished) and divide it by 3. It will give you an odd number but don't be alarmed. Using that figure(in the calculator) add .50 as the 1/2" seam allowance you need. Cut the pieces that size and it should match up just fine.
If working with 1/8" increments, just remember how they translate.
1/8= .125, same as 1/4"=.25, 3/8"=.375 and so forth.
By my calculations, if you cut them at 3.375 or 3 3/8", 3 of them sewn together wii give you a block that should 10 1/8"....pretty close to a 10" block.

Norma said...

Really like those colors, never thought of pink and gray..........must add that to my "someday" list. Now if I could just live to 150!

I threw away my "just got married setting up housekeeping" ironing board several years ago and it was a major mistake. They just don't make them like they did in the 60's! LOL

Shelina said...

Your four patch blocks look great. Your ironing board, not so much. I'm sure it will be fun to get a new one. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Libby said...

Glad you solved the mystery of the messy floor *s*

Norma said...

It is nice to see other variations of the 4-Patch Posie block. I am looking for different ways to set my latest version. Thanks for sharing!