Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Sure seems strange for November, but this is what I found walking down my neighbor's driveway this afternoon when Kipper and I returned from our run. Aren't they cute?

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Laurie Ann said...

Oh cute! Cool looking Mommy duck too!

Norma said...

Sweet pictures, and they are year round residents considering the babies? Not "Snowducks", apparently!

Glad you are enjoying your winter stay already.

joyce said...

Are those wild ducks? I can't see how they will survive the winter if they are.

Finn said...

Hi katie, your little friends are just 'ducky' *VBS* What fun to see the babies out for a stroll with Mama.
Everything looks so very nice and green. We are still green here where I am, but it got covered with snow this a.m. Luckily it is all gone already. Don't you miss that??? *VBS* Enjoy the warm, hugs, Finn

Sweet P said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing.

julieQ said...

How darling. Mother ducks are such good Moms, aren't they? They just shepard their little flock so carfully. Love the pics and thanks for sharing them.