Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goodbye to Harper

We know that
our senior citizen dogs will not be with us forever but we can't imagine how our lives will be without them. Libby and her DH are living through the sadness of the death of their dear Harper.

These are pictures of my dear old guy Kipper. He will be 12 years old in a couple months. Whenever Libby wrote about Harper, I related to Kipper doing the same things whether it was keeping the squirrels out of her yard, snoozing under a bush, riding in the car, going for walks or playing in the snow. Both dogs were saves from shelters when they were puppies.

Harper will be missed by her family and by many blog friends.
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Libby said...

Seeing those sweet brown eyes just makes me smile. Thank you so much, Katie and Kipper *s*

Jenni said...

I know just what you mean. It was sad to see Harper go, but at least she went to sleep and didn't wake up. The last dog I had to have put to sleep was about 6 yo and it was the most traumatic thing I;ve ever been through. My Simon is 13 now and really showing his age. I find my life moulding around his needs now. Kipper is gorgeous.

Angie said...

What a sweet sweet post! Hug Kipper close~~their stay with us is all too swift, no matter the number of years they are here. :) Thank you for your sweet comments about my Dewey and Badger.

Sandra said...

I'm sorry. He is in heaven.