Sunday, October 08, 2006


I'm having problems posting. I finally got it tonight. I had three pics but I see the close up did not come through. Oh, well.

I so wanted to buy some fabric to bring home but there are not many fabric stores. I don't think they do much quilting. Not from new fabric, anyway. I liked this fabric and it was half price for end of bolt. I got two and a quarter meters. It is not 100 % cotton - probably closer to 50%. I have no

idea what I'll do with it.

I took time today to work on my sewing room. I don't know how it gets so bad. Kipper must be sneaking in there and messing it up. I'm also doing the finish sewing on the Sea Green thing. Three sides done.

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Dawn said...

I bet something will come up where that fabric will be perfect! What a great thing to buy for a memory!