Tuesday, October 03, 2006


These pillows were in a store window in Switzerland and I really liked them. Wouldn't this inspire a great quilt? I've often thought about putting lace on some blocks.

I had a very good time but the trip home was long, very long. It was 25 hours from the time I got up until I hit by own bed, which sure felt good. I'm lucky that I can sleep anywhere, anytime, so I wasn't awake all that time. Anyway, I have been recovering from jet lag and a sore throat. Today I'm beginning to feel better.

I have a great group that I travel with. They stay positive and are always willing to share a hand and a laugh. My brace worked well on my knee and I was able to walk a lot.

I was surprised at the high prices of almost everything. At least they were much higher than those here in Michigan. I was also surprised at the limited selection of soda, which we call pop in Michigan, and how expensive it was. The only diet or sugar free one was Pepsi Light.

I loved the chocolate. Why does Europe have such wonderful chocolate compared to our American chocolate? All our food was very good. There was lots of pork. It was nice that all the tap water was portable and had an excellent taste. More tomorrow.

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quiltpixie said...

what a wonderful assortment of pillows. Very inticing

Dawn said...

Oh those pillows are so dainty looking! It is a great display!

Shelina said...

These are beautiful pillows Katie, and I am enjoying hearing about your trip. I look forward to more details.