Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This and That

Besides quilts and most any old stuff, I love things made of wood. Recently I found this three inch high wooden rocker and doll. It appears to be made by each piece which is glued together. I love it. The doll, which I've had a while, is made from craft wood pieces. It stands on a wooden heart.

Yesterday I put my nose to the grindstone and got 10 items done from my paper/phone list. I hate doing this stuff and always put it off forever. so this was a major accomplishment. Lots of call backs and call somewhwere else and whatever. Then I discovered a zip bag of soup had leaked all over my refrigerator. Well, guess it needed cleaned out anyway. This morning I was all out of milk and made a quilt trip to the store. I just discovered the plastic gallon was leaking in the refrig. Hey, I cleaned it yesterday. Hope this isn't one of those "comes in threes" things. Oh, well just the little irritants of life.

For Christmas I got a battery operated Sudoku game. Neat. Suppose to be good to keep the mind working. Not sure what it says about my mind as I can only do the easy versions. But it is fun.

Only quilting done yesterday was some hand work on binding a quilt last night. Maybe today.


Katie said...

Where did the high light come from? Oh, me. Katie

Katie said...

Oh, me. wish it had been a quilt trip but just was a quick one. Guess Sudoku wore my brain out. VBS Katie

Libby said...

Have you ever played Sudoku on the computer? We get a puzzle in our newspaper every morning. Sometimes I will try to work out that one -- Hubby really enjoys them and has a couple of books lying around the house.

joyce said...

You must be in quilt withdrawal or something to make a slip like that. Lol.

Shelina said...

Good that you were getting so much accomplished. I have had those days too - the more I do, the more there seems to be to do. Hope that streak ends soon for you.
Sudoku is fun. Give yourself some time to get the easy ones done, and you will graduate to the harder ones in no time. I like the ones that lets you put in your guesses. It makes the harder ones easier. I usually go to www.websudoku.com