Monday, July 07, 2008

Katie is Quilting

I have completed one more of my birds applique blocks. I'm not doing them very fast but am enjoying do them. The blue background (click for better view) is hard to work with. It is necessary to use very light or dark to contrast with the medium tone or shade or whatever it is. I liked the white but then decided that they needed veins and outlined. I gave the bird black legs but disliked them so changed to brown and like them better.

I was at the quilt shop and saw this fabric on the discount rack. I heard 4 patch calling me. When I got it washed and some of it cut out, I started the fun part of making designs. Hum... I decided to use the back of the fabric to tone it down a little. Well, I see the pic I just had here is now gone so I'll have to post is separately. I don't know why this is happening but wonder if when I use the backspace key to wipe out what I have just type, if it also erases one of the pics. I must be more careful.

I laid out my four patches on my big ironing board but first I put down a large bath towel. The patches cling to it and don't easily get messed up. Then I scoot the board close to my sewing machine and sew two together and then sew these together to make the four patch. When the first row is done, I just pull the towel down close to me and sew that one. By pulling the towel along the patches are easy to reach and don't get mixed up.

Nice to be back at my sewing machine.

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Norma said...

You are having blogger problems, Yahoo is eating my emails as I write them! grrrrrr

The applique is really coming along, it looks so nice. Love the idea about the bath towel, need to try it IF I ever get back to sewing.

Those flowers are wonderful, nothing like that around here. Glad you are sewing again too.