Monday, August 18, 2008

Not Yet

My neighbor just brought me over these two large ripe tomatoes. I know what I'm having for lunch. I went out to check mine again. Does it look like that one might be thinking of changing color? They are smaller too but there sure of lots of them. I did trim away some of the leaves and the sun can get to them. Patience, Katie.

Duck Quilt

I discovered that the black fabric I thought about using with the duck fabric was bleeding a little so I had to wash it several times with one of those color grabber things. I found this green (does it look blue in the pic?) and decided to use it. I have a lot of it so can use it for backing too. I decided to cut the duck fabric 4.5 by 8.5 and the green is 4.5 square. I'm flipping every other row to get this pattern. It makes it easy for me to keep any ducks from turning upside down. Now I think I might like the duck fabric to have run horizontally. The light from the window onto my ironing board messes up the color. The bottom pic is better but... The green and tan match colors in the duck fabric. This is the most lickity split pattern I have ever used. But it makes a nice looking quilt. And it got me back to sewing on my machine. And using some fabric that definitely falls into the fungly category. I know this isn't really the fungly sewing Tonya suggested but it was her inspiration that got my machine humming and here's one big thanks to her. I'm even looking at some other patterns and thinking. I really need to get inspired to sandwich and quilts these tops next.

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Libby said...

Those tomatoes are going to burst into red at any moment . . . . *s*

Granny Lyn said...

We just got our firsts from our garden over the weekend, so yours will be popping out soon,,,isn't it hard to wait?? I had my first BLT on Sunday...

Love the ducks, too, and the green is comong over blue, but what a pretty blue it is! tee hee