Friday, August 29, 2008

Where Have All The Greens Gone?

Recently Finn challenged us to finish some UFOs. She is letting each person determine what "finished" means. I'm not much of a joiner and hate deadlines so I thought about it long and hard - well for a couple minutes anyway, before I joined. Finn asked how many quilts we planned to finish by the end of 2008. I'm not good at judging how long it takes me to do anything so
should I say 1 or 2 or ? I decided on 8. I told you I'm not good at time perception. I really need to finish some quilts so why not.

I decided that the first step was to get the UFO ready for the final quilting. Is it big enough? Does it need borders? What about backing and binding?

I sewed the duck fungly together and auditioned borders. I didn't like any of the stoppers - not black nor any of the reds. This is not a bold quilt and I wanted the ducks to be the eye focus. So I just skipped the eye stopper border and finished with more of the green. Then I cut and ironed more of the green for the backing and binding. So all it needs is sandwiched and quilted. I plan to get several quilts to this stage and then.....

Now for a rant. Where have all the greens gone? First what is wrong with my camera or is it my computer? Everything looks blue. This strip is shades of green and look at it. I have been complaining about not being able to find true green colors. The last pic are all greens from my stash. The pic has completely lost any shade of green. The darkest fabric is the green in my duck quilt. It is the very color of the green in the Mallard ducks' bills. Looks gray/black to me. So I shouldn't rant about these colors because you can't see them accurately anyway. But I will anyway. I looked on the Internet and found these greens - avocado, olive, spruce (a light green mixed with so much blue), moss, teal, seafoam (looks like a light blue to me), willow (looks gray), pine (looks blue green), hunter (even this one has a lot of yellow in it), lime, nectar and jungle (that one is black and green). Is this all my computer or have a suddenly developed a color vision problem?

Okay, rant done. Back to the sewing room.

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Finn said...

Hi Katie, so very happy you'll be joining in our New Years Eve party!
I know it's hard to determine a number. Like you, I probably have somewhere between 60 to 75 "begun" projects. At times I so tempted to just 'ditch them', and carry on with what I like NOW. But I'm going to give it one more try first.
Since you know you'll be flying away to Florida, why not set a small goal, say 1 or 2 to finish before you go. Then you could others when you're down there. Might not seem so overwhelming that way. Even one more finished is good!
About the green tones, check where the 'true color' setting is on in your comuter accessories page. I'm not sure if its under control panel or another page, but I know you can change how the color appears
Let me know what I can put you down for...2 or 8? Happy stitching, Hugs, Finn

Finn said...

Hi Katie, me again. I checked and on my computer, I click on "Control Panel" and then on that screen clicked on "display". It offers you a place to change font size, background color, those frames around our pages, etc. The last one is 'appearance'(I think, or at least in my Windows XP) and you can check the color resolution. Hope that helps! Hugs, Finn

Shasta said...

Colors go in and out of style, and when they are out of style, it is difficult to find those colors in the stores. Another reason to have a stash!

MYRA said...

Wow! Another simple quilt pattern, and yet effective... love it! 8-)