Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Five More Patches
This is so much fun. I'm not sure of the bottom yellow and blue one but it may be just what is needed when I'm done. The one above it actually is two different blue fabrics.

Easter Eggs
It was about 1970 when I took my Girl Scout troop to the International Institute. They had displays of Easter eggs and were showing ways they were made in different countries. I bought a metal tool that looked like a large flat-headed pin or a small nail. You heat the metal over a candle, then put it on a crayon (or wax) and finally put it on an egg that has been blown out (or hard boiled). You can pull the nail tool too make a design that looks like a comma. When the design is complete, you drop the egg in dye. Then dry, you rub off the wax. You can also dye the egg and when it is dry, add the wax and finally add a second color. I made these eggs for a few years but have no eggs or pictures left. At the Institute, I bought another egg that I loved and still do. It is wooden and designed by using wood burning. There are three eggs nested together. It was done by a person from Eastern Europe. I think it was Czechoslovakia but I'm not sure. Can anyone help with information? I see that when I was taking the picture, I forgot to line up the top and bottom of the biggest (2 1/2") egg correctly so it is easier to see the division. The smallest egg is 7/8 of an inch high.
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joyce said...

The nested eggs are beautiful. Sorry I have no idea who did them. Most of the dyed ones are Ukranian. Many Ukranian Canadians in our area make them and some of them are truly amazing.