Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Goodies

The top pic is the tea pot and sugar bowl that belonged to my mother. They were part of her everyday dishes and I'd guess were from the 1940's The creamer got broken. Boo Hoo. I need to get on the web and try to find more info on it and find a creamer replacement.

The cookie jar
was always in my childhood kitchen as long as I can remember. The cover has been broken and glued back together. This was a common cookie jar about 60 years ago. My mother taught school so this jar usually had store bought cookies in it.

Last fall just before I went to FL, my SIL came over and said she was on her way to the store to get some fleece to make robes. I told her I had a fleece store. I took her to my spare bedroom and emptied two drawers of fleece for her to take home. When I got back to MI this spring, she had a robe made for me. What a nice surprise. VBS
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Libby said...

What treasures - the teapot and sugar really are reminiscent of the 40's. Love the cookie jar. I have my mom's and my grandma's. Mom's is wooden and really never held cookies that I recall. Grandma's is a big red apple that always held slightly stale lemon cookies *s*