Monday, April 23, 2007

Lights Out

With yesterday being Earth Day, it seems every publication and radio/TV show has been detailing what we can do to save energy. When I turned a spare bedroom into a sewing room a few years ago, I had the track lighting you see in the pictures put in. Also the large ceiling fan. I never use the lights on the fan but I do love the fan during the summer. The track lights are great because they can be slid along the track and aimed to the area I want them. I have decided that I don't need so many of them and am just using the ones pointed to my cutting board, sewing machine and ironing board.
What things do you do to conserve energy? I use cold water in my washing machine and have decided to try using the shorter setting that using one less rinse. I'm also using the dish washer on the regular cycle rather than the heavy duty one that uses an extra cycle. I hang up most of my laundry - outside whenever possible. I find it crazy that we have places that prohibit outdoor clothes lines. This is suppose to be because they don't look so pretty. I think they look great and am glad I live in places in both MI and FL where I have an outdoor clothes line. Have you ever hung up clothes using the navy method? Instead of hanging the clothes along one line, you hang them between two lines. You can really get a lot more clothes hung in a given space. I used to do this in my basement. The house we lived in when our daughters were little had only a space heater. I set up two wooden clothes racks near it and put their clothes on it to dry and stay warm for those winter changes. Of course, this was before disposable diapers.
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Libby said...

Most of my practices have more to do with trying to eliminate some chemicals from our lives *s* I use a LOT of vinegar in my household cleaning from laundry to floors. I would LOVE to hang laundry on the line, but my HOA forbids clotheslines . . . I even got a 'friendly' little reminder once when I had a line up in my backyard.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, good for you for going green where possible. Lots of places not have the 'no clothes lines' policy..darn it! But there are other things we can do.
Love the tea pot and sugar bowl, hope you can find a matching piece if you look.
Also like the look of your patchwork top..*VBS* Hugs, Finn