Saturday, March 31, 2007

Out of Business

My local Hancock store is going out of busines. Boo, sob, scream.
I stopped in last weekend and all the quilting related items were gone. There was a long line at the cutting table to I waited until yesterday when I had more time to go back. The buttons were 90% off so you can see what I bought. What to do with the 82 cards of them? I have no idea. Any suggestions? Then I bought a bunch of trim. 60% off. It is nearly all made of cotton. How should I wash the really long pieces? And I bought a little fabric at 60% off. Most was originally $8 a yard so not a fabulous price but a good one and I only bought what I was sure I wanted. I love the red pieces and the blue pattern like the red one. My yellow stash is getting low. Now I have it home, I love the red one on the right. There are four yards each of the reds and blue I like best and two of the others. Anyone want any buttons or trim? I will mail.


May Britt said...

I am sure you will find some use for the buttons. 90 % off....thats too good to not buy anything, even if you do not know what to do with them.

Dawn said...

Oh what finds! I love the buttons - they are wonderful. I make tons of small sewing pouches and try and pick up buttons like those for closures. You could use those buttons for so many things. Hang on to them - you might find some very cool things to use them on!

paula, the quilter said...

Wind your cotton trims around your hand and then around your elbow to make a big circle. Slip the circle off & grab at opposite ends and twist until it twists onto itself. There! you have a skein (like yarn). Fill your sink with hot water and soak the skein in it. Don't wring but roll it in a towel and press the water out. Hang to dry. Now you have preshrunk trims.

Melzie said...

Did you have warning it was going out of business? I know they went bankrupt, but was hoping that it wouldnt really affect them but one locally here, the employees went into work and the doors were locked and sign on door said closed. :( good bargains :) xoxo melzie

Shelina said...

Wow you got some really great things - beautiful buttons, beautiful fabric, lots of trim. Seems to me like there is a crazy quilt in your future!

When our Hancocks went out of business, everything was like 40% off, and I could get that from Joanns with a coupon, so I wasn't overly impressed, but apparently many people were, because they were running out of lots of stuff.

Your Hawaiian nine patches look super and bright too.