Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is Coming

I have been reading blogs showing the progress of spring in many places. It is finally beginning to reach me in mid-Michigan. Lots of spring clean up needed as soon as it dries out some.

When I open the door, Kipper usually just runs in and up the stairs to the kitchen. After I checked and washed his feet the other day, he now stops by the door every time. What a smart dog.

Coming Soon

Yup, I did buy some fabric when I was in Hawaii. Yesterday I fingered it and looked for pattern ideas. The fabric is now in the washing machine and I'm getting excited to get started. Pictures soon.

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Libby said...

How sweet of Kipper to be cooperative. I keep a towel by the back door, but Harper tries her best to dodge me each and every time . . . stinker *s*

Tim Rice said...

Isn't it fun to see signs of spring coming! :)

Shelina said...

I need to take some spring pictures too. It's s exciting when it comes.