Thursday, March 22, 2007

You Don't Miss It Until It is Gone

It would be more accurate to say you don't appreciate it until it is gone. I am slowly dealing with the damage from my basement flooding last winter due to the sump pump failing. I now have my water softener repaired. When the humidity was at 100%, the salt absorbed the moisture and then when it dried out it became one solid block of salt. I have very very rusty well water and the controls were all clogged up too. My propane gas hot water heater was blocked with rust. Parts have been scraped out and it is working but probably needs replaced. I have it pretty much flushed out now. The washer is working but I'm only using cold water so far. The dryer door didn't get opened to dry out and rusted. I used Whink and got it cleaned out. It is working. I'm using the dish washer even though I haven't got the rust out of it yet. I had a invasion of mice sometime after the flood. My neighbor put out poison and they are dead but everything must be washed. Okay, in Finn's spirit I'm washing and putting on my big girl panties and moving on. One thing at a time. There is a lot.

Good Hawaiian Food
Loved the fruit. Maui pinapple, mango, papaya and apple bananas. Sad to learn that these fruits are not being produced as export crops any more but are still grown in backyards and for roadside and farmers' market sales. I bought an small expensive jar a Maui pinapple jam made with Splenda. I wasn't able to taste it first so wasn't too sure about it. Oh what a nice surprise. It is just delicious! Wish I had bought more. I ate and brought home macadamea nuts and macadamia nut rum cake. Humm. The cake is from Kona Gold Rum Company. I'm not a coffee drinker but my friend loved and brought home the Kona coffee. I enjoyed the luau we went to. We saw the pig removed from the pit and it was very tender and delicious. The chicken was good too. I loved the coconut pudding desert called Haupia (made with coconut milk) and the pinapple desert bar. The purple sweet pototoes were served both in potato salad and roasted. I ate some poi at the Hawaiian village in the Polynesian Culture Center and it was good. So many people say it is terrible but the secrete is to get it freshly made. It ferments as it ages. The fresh poi didn't have much flavor and reminded me of bland hot cereal. I could have eaten a whole bowl with a little sugar and milk. For another meal I had macadamia nut crusted coconut shrimp. Best shrimp I ever ate.


Libby said...

In Hawaii, Hubby and I had pineapple every morning for breakfast. We tried to have a snack of macadamias sometime each afternoon. Just adds to the feeling of paradise *s*

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh you are making me hungry. The macadamia nut shrimp sounds to die for. My favorite when I was there was the Ono. Mmmmmm

Shelina said...

Oh how awful that you have so much repair to do after your flooding. I feel for you.

The rum cake sounds delicious!