Friday, January 25, 2008

More Sewing

The top pic is what my soon-to-be nine-year old DGD made during my visit. I make plastic templates of the Sunbonnet Sue and she traced and cut out the patterns. I ironed them on using Wonder Under. She choose all the fabrics and embellishments. I took butterfly fabric as I knew she loved them. When it was finished, she wanted some flowers so I embroidered some and she said it was perfect. I planned to take it home and stitched around the edges with my sewing machine but I had enough time to I did it by hand. I gave her the choice of how to complete it. Would she like a picture, or a bag or a scarf or a pillow? After much thought, she decided on a pillow.

Today I worked on helping set up for a rummage sale at my mobile home recreation building. The sale is tomorrow and it will keep me busy. Tonight I am making soup to sell. They also grill hamburgers and hot dogs and sell homemade pie. Really good. They also have a bake sale. We do this every year. After working on this, my first sewing project will be to make my DGD's pillow.

The second picture is red work I did while doing the airport waits. It is the first red work I have ever done. I used one stand of floss. The pattern was a WalMart iron on. It is really too bad that they no longer sell either the patterns or the floss.
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Libby said...

Oh how very special to spend time stitching with your granddaughter. I learned embroidery from my grandma at about the same age . . . I have many memories of that time and I sure wouldn't trade them for the world.