Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rummage Sale Bag

I only found one zip lock bag of sewing related goodies at the rummage sale. It had several iron-on patterns that were meant to be used for fabric painting. Has anyone ever done this? I did a couple pieces a few years ago. I think they could be used for embroidery too. Does anyone out there need bowling balls? Don't know if or when I'll ever use the stencils but can always use another pair of shears and a few buttons.
I helped set up all the donations on last Friday and this let me have a preview of what I might want to buy. On Saturday I saw someone buying a new bag of pillow stuffing. How did I miss that? And I need it too.

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Libby said...

Those look like some sort of special shears . . . do they have a particular purpose?
I have painted on fabric using acrylic craft paint in the past, but what I remember from childhood is Liquid Embroidery. They were tubes of paint with a roller ball pointy applicator - I have a Christmas piece I did when I was about 7, I think *s*

Norma said...

Those shears are interesting. I am like Libby and wondered what you used them for?

Best part of working something like a rummage sale is having first dibs! We used to do neighborhood sales when my kids were little and I never made any money because I bought from all my neighbors. In fact, none of us made much........we should have just had a"treasure" exchange and not did all that work.

Beth said...

I can solve the scissor question. Those are the kind I kept in my pocket when I worked as an RN in the Operating Room. Mine were bright green handled so I could see them in the dark! I love all the crafty 'treasures' you found.