Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pillow Finished

Finished my DGD's pillow. Must get it mailed now.

I enjoyed spending time with my three young grandchildren so much. I also have three that are collage and grad school age.

Guess what the DGD who made this pillow top got for Christmas? Along with all the tech things like computer games, DVD's and hand held devices, she found Jacks in her stocking. She sat on the floor and tried to figure out how to use them. "Want Grandma to help you?" She quickly replied, "Sure." The jacks were large and plastic. Humm. But they worked fine and I could still do it. Now getting up from the floor afterwords - well I won't discuss that.

Apparently people have always been tossing things into the air and catching them just for fun. Ancient Greeks played a game of chance called Knucklebones, which involved tossing and catching small pieces of sheep's bone. In England, they've played a similar game called Fivestones for centuries, testing player's agility ad skill. Here in America, Fivestones became known as Jackstones and eventually just plain Jacks. Over the years, one of the Stones was replaced by a ball, and in the 1920s, small, metal game pieces became the jackstones - probably because children of the time often played with left-over pieces of metal castings, rather than stones. I remember playing Jacks as a child. In the summer it was on the sidewalk and in winter on the linoleum kitchen floor. Being an only child of working parents, this was a great game to play by myself. Good memory.

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Norma said...

When my DD did her student teaching in a kindergarten class, she came home telling me that the kids didn't even know what Jacks were. She could not believe that as she had loved to play them when she was growing up. So, next thing I know, she is buying 50 sets of jacks and teaching them all to play.

I didn't teach her though, my hands never would work together well enough! (might explain my problems with quilting! LOL)

Lindah said...

Yes, jacks are a good memory. I loved playing with them. Such a simple and fun game in a non-high tech time. Put them in your pocket and no batteries required! And like Norma's DD, I find that my grand kids--even their mother--don't know about jacks. hmmm, maybe I will buy a couple sets and invite them for a contest when we go to visit this summer!

Tropical Screamer said...

So funny you should mention jacks. I have a friend and we exchange little boxes of stuff now and then. When I was putting together her last one, I found a little set of jacks that came with two balls and book of different game variations.

I bought us both a set and we both get them out and play them once in a while. It's a calming activity, just like quilting.

For the little bit of time you play it takes you back to being young. You have to concentrate enough that you ignore other things.

Too fun.

And last but not least, the pillows are beautiful.


Libby said...

I loved playing Jacks . . . I was basically an only child (nearest sibling 10 years older) and we lived in the country so no neighborhood children to play with. Jacks is a game that is easily and happily played alone.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what fun! Yes, playing Jacks is good memory from childhood. I've played hours and hours of jacks both alone and with friends over the early years. Love the little red rubber ball that used to come with them. Not sure you can even find those any more. And how sweet that your young DGD liked that gift..*VBS*
I LOVE the redwork you did at the airport while waiting. Don't let WalMart dropping floss stop you, it's out there at other places. In my tiny village of less than 1,000 our drugstore carries DMC floss..amazing isn't it? He also has the full rack of C & C thread for sewing.
There are quite a few places on the internet that you can down load patterns for empbroidery. I think I have a oouple bookmarked if you are interested.
Take care of you and Kipper, Hugs, Finn