Friday, February 01, 2008

Shears Info

These shears, that I found in a bag of sewing goodies at the rumage sale, do have bandage shears ends but do not cut fabric. They have a perferated top blade and cut paper very well. Could they be for kitchen use?

I'm sending you some beach
pictures. When are you coming to visit? Hang gliding, anyone? The coconuts had washed up on the beach. You can also find them under lots of the palm trees. Some still have their meat and milk. There are also lots of date palm trees around. Kipper loves to eat any of them on the ground.

I'm working on another redwork piece. The local Florida Hancock has lots of DMC. And I have a big bag of it that I carry back and forth between here and Michigan. But I still think WalMart should not have discontinued selling it.

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Libby said...

Never seen anything like them before. A great mystery.

Norma said...

It was 64 here today, not beach weather although nice and sunny. So, here I am where the weather is not even nasty and I want to head your way! Love that ocean view.