Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It was cloudy and rainy yesterday (today too). So yeterday I sewed. Also, this accounts for the poor indoor pictures. I made two Painted Bricks quilt tops. Each is 48 x 60 and I have some bricks left over. They are bright and full of cheer. I decided they would made great lap or kid's quilts. I dont' expect to finish them until after I return to MI.

How do you handle your goofs? I just throw them all in a pile and eventually I sit and rip them out. I hate to do this as I'm sewing. It stops my rhythm. So today I turned on The View and took out the mistakes. I had some with the wrong side up, some where I sewed both ends and one where I picked up three bricks and sewed them all together. I keep tape handy and pat off the small pieces of thread.

Do you watch The View? I have a friend who doesn't like the show because the people talk over each other. This was bad when Rosy was on the show, but I think they have curtailed it some now. I like it because it is like people really talk. They were saying today that because they are not scripted, they don't use writers and have not been affected by the strike, which by the way is over today. Hurrah! Oh, the people on The View did say they had two writers for special segments but not the talk part.

I also finished another redwork block. The background is white, even if the pic doesn't show it.

I've been talking to friends in MI. They sure have had the cold and snow. My neighbor says she paid $500 for heating gas and it only lasted two months. And she doesn't have a big house and keeps the thermastat low. They have not had the terrible increase in food prices that we have had here in FL. I wonder why.

Spell check is still not working. I am a terrible speller and my fingers love to get ahead of each other so good luck reading this.

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Shelina said...

Your tops look great - so cheery and the redwork is cute. I like the View - makes me feel like joining some of their conversations.

Libby said...

I do watch The View sometimes - but the cross-talk does wear on me. Usually the tv is just on for noise rather than to really pay attention.
I usually do my unsewing right away - if I wait, I tend to leave it until it eventually becomes abandoned . . . not a good plan for me *s*