Sunday, February 03, 2008

What are you eating?

Popcorn is one of my favorite foods. I like a brand and type of microwave popcorn that I can buy in MI but is not sold here in FL. I bring some with me but now it is all gone. I tried buying another kind here but it was so bad that I threw it out. Here is the best kind - cooked on the stove with some oil in a pan. When it starts popping, just shake the pan and then lift it off the stove as it finishes popping. Keep the cover ajar to let the steam out. It was very good. Last year I had a lot of trouble finding plain popcorn to pop this way and this year the store only had one brand. This was the only way to make it when I was a kid and I think it is about to be a lost way of popping corn.

Another thing I had today was a homemade Rubin sandwich. Sorry no pic. I fry the sauerkraut. First I buy the best kraut in a plastic bag, that I can find. Then I add a little butter to the fry pan. I drain the kraut and add to the pan and fry slowly so as to brown but not burn it. I add the thousand island dressing, especially if it has been stored in the refrigerator, to this browned kraut. I spray butter flavored cooking spray on either a fry pan or George Forman grill and grill one side of the light rye bread. Then I layer the fried kraut with dressing, thin sliced corn beef, swiss cheese and toasted side of the second slice of bread. Then I respray the pan and toast both outsides of the sandich. It was really good.

They had the ingredientes on sale this week for the Super Bowl. Very hard to believe those prices were discounted. Have your food prices gone sky high this last month? Eggs were just over a $1 a dozen and now are at least $2. Milk is up to $4.29 per gallon. Everything is way up. Many items have gone up 50%. I don't buy much ahead here in FL and this is pinching my budget. I don't know how young families can do it.
I'm afraid they can't.

I finished reading John Grisham's paperback book The Innocent Man. It is a true story of an innocent man's life. Ron Williamson was tried and sentenced to death on tainted evidence, if it can even be called that. How could so many people, including police and attorneys, be so inadequate, to say it nicely, or rotten, to say it honestly? I realize there are good police officers and attorneys out there but this book, Grisham's first nonfiction book, sure made me wonder about the horrible ones. I have seen many changes in my life but until now hadn't thought enough about how important the discovery of DNA was. Good book and I highly recommend it.

I got out some fabric to look at. The pic shows some UFO blocks. They are put away for now. I had two other pics to tell you about today but I see they are lost somewhere so will save that discussion for another day.

By the way, any idea why my spell check is not working? Anyone else having this problem? My fingers to their own thing so forgive the mistakes.
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Patti said...

I'm pretty sure it's Blogger. I've not been able to spell check for 2-3 days now.

I'm also sure the cost of food is directly related to the cost of oil and gasoline. That affects our lives in so many ways that we usually don't think about.

Norma said...

I just cringe when I walk through the store and put several things in my basket that have $4 plus price tags. Milk, eggs and fresh veggies are way out there. I, too, am glad I am not stuggling to feed a family. I am sure some do good to fill the tank and buy food, not leaving much else. I just wish our government would do something about the huge profits the oil companies make.

Libby said...

Oh Katie, I love popcorn, too *s* I still pop it on the stove top in a big pan always making sure there is enough to share with Harper. It's great sport to throw a kernel in the air and watch her catch it . . . we do this nearly every day.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

that Ruben sounds heavenly. I still make popcorn on the stovetop too. Has to be white popcorn though - don't know why I like that so much better than the yellow.

Katie said...

This is a test.