Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where did it go?

I wrote a nice long post and for some unknown reason it wouldn't post. And it isn't saved either. I thought they were supposed to do that automaticly now. First the spell check won't work and now the post. Is anyone else havng these problems? I remember that when I had problems posting from picasa before, I solved it by having my blog site open when I posted. How do you post?

I guess I'm just having one of those Murphy days. The other day I made a specific trip to the store to get some special cards. This morning I could not find them. I checked everywhere, even the car and refrigerator (I also made a quick grocery stop.) Do you suppose the mess shown in the first pic has anthing to do with my dilemma? Look at the good dog. He is trying to help me find whatever I'm looking for. I'm sure Kipper thinks it must be food, maybe popcorn. I finally did locate the cards under another pile of stuff on the dining table/cutting table. And as a bonus I cleaned some of the paper clutter. S

Recently I posted the second picture. Before Christmas I decided to join Bonnie's Mystery quilt. I knew I had to make mine with larger pieces. This is as far as I got. They are 6 1/2 inches square and I have a bunch of them. But I'm not inspired just now and have put them aside.

I have completed another redwork block. This is a very mindless sewing activity that I enjoy. No decisions to make. Just follow the lines. Several years ago I was told that such activities, including knitting, and whittling, occupy just enough of your brain so it can't dwell on worries. I don't know anything I'm anxious about so maybe I'm doing some preventive care. S

I have been unable to get enthused about a quilt project, either one that is started or a new one. Finn to the rescue, again. She is spending an hour per day cutting out strips, squares and triangles. I thought I could do that. I sure like her scrappy quilts. The last pic is my progress. There are also some strips that didn't get in the pic. Makes me want to start sewing but I don't have near enough yet. Stay turned.

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Norma said...

At least you found your cards! If I lose things like that, it might be Easter before they surface again!

You have been busy....love the redwork!