Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quilt Pattern

Kimberlyn asked about the pattern I'm using for the quilt I have named Painted Bricks. See my last post. The pattern is called Conzetta's Courtyard and was in the May 2005 Quilt Almamac. Today's pic is one I posted in May 2006 showing the first quilt I made from this pattern. It covers the bed in my sewing room in MI. I love the colors and fabric of the first one and have been looking for more fabric that would strike my fancy to make another one. I had bought the current fabrics with this in mind but was never overjoyed with either the fabric quality or the colors.

Anyway I am working on Painted Bricks but I got side tracked yesterday. Last week I was exercing in my park pool when I met another lady. Turned out she was from Wheeling, West Virginia. My ancesters are from there. We talked and she said she would have a relative of hers send me some info. It came yesterday so I spent the day reading and comparing what I already had to this new information. I gained a little new information and hope this will lead me to other sources. I am wanting to find informaton about my great grandfather who I believe was in the Civil War. The story that my mother passed on to me was that he was 16 years old and lied about his age and joined the army near the end of the war. His birth date supports this story. I have just learned that two of his older brothers were in the war. Do any of you know how to get infomation on service in the Civil War? I've written about my family history and need to get back to it. The statistics on birth and death are interesting but I love the stories and pictures about their lives. I have made three books about my life and now want to get my family history book done. I can't do much until I get back to MI where I have the old pics locked in a safety box in the bank. I worked some on my Dad's family last summer. I'm not able to follow them back so far. I am able to trace my mother's family back to before to before the Revolutionary War when my ancester came to America from Germany.

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Jeanne said...

The quilt reminds me of delicious sherbet! It's a very pretty quilt.

Libby said...

Katie, have you ever searched online using the USGenWeb project. It can be hit and miss as it is all by volunteer but there is helpful information to be found.

Tropical Screamer said...

How beautiful. I just love the colors and the way the quilt fits the bed.

Wonderful word, Katie.

Norma said...

I bet the one you are working on will be just as nice as this one, even though you aren't in love with the fabric. It is so cheerful.

Good luck on your search. I can only go back to great grandparents but plan to do more when my husband retires. Think most of my family are Irish immigrants so it might not go to far.

Finn said...

Oh what fun to see that beautiful quilt in your sewing room again! Love that one!
About the Civil War stuff, I was able to look at county records in a local library and find the man who raised my great grandmother. She had been left(as a young child) with friends or neighbors to be raised. I think probably the plague that swept through the southern WI/Chicago are in the 1850's.
I found his name, date of enlistment, date of discharge, etc among men who enlisted from his county in WI. You might try that if you have a county name from where he lived.