Thursday, February 07, 2008

Painted Bricks

Just do it. That's what I told myself. I picked up a pile of various colored fabrics all with the same pattern. Not the best quality fabric but don't make excuses, just do it. I put a new blade into the cutter and a new needle into the machine and just did it. These are 3 1/2 by
6 1/2 bricks. I have 36 blocks of nine bricks each. The bottom pic is four blocks together. I'll try to get a natural light pic later. I don't think the colors go together so well. That is why I hadn't used these fabrics before. But I bought them with this brick pattern, which I like, in mind. So with audio book playing, I've been quilting. Yay! I really don't want a big quilt so may not use all the blocks. Actually I still have bricks left, too. What size should I make it? Each block is 12 inches square.
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Norma said...

I really like this fabric. It is neat that it is the same pattern in so many beautiful colors. Be sure and show us when you are done. Glad you are back and quilting I missed you!

Libby said...

You've got yourself a very cheerful little top there *s*

kimberlym said...

Did you make up this pattern? It is very cute in those colors-I like it!

Sweet P said...

I like those fabrics and the block. It brings a smile to my face.