Saturday, April 19, 2008

Flash From The Past

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with two of my cousins and my Aunt Mary. We shared old pictures. This one includes my great grandfather Daniel who my mother said was in the Civil War. He lied about being only 16 years old and joined near the end of the war. There doesn't seem to be any proof of this story but maybe... I know the pic was taken in 1919 as the baby died in 1920 when she was two years old. My mother is seated in front of her grandfather. She would have been seven years old. Her brother is beside her and four years old. The woman was not their grandmother but was the third wife of their grandfather. Daniel is the fourth generation of my family who first came from Germany to America in 1753. This first generation American and two of his sons served in the War of Revolution (as the documents called it). Now I have lots more pics to look through and write about. I'm determined to get my stories about my ancestors done this summer.

Have you ever eaten huckleberry pie? My Aunt Mary found one in her freezer that she had made last fall. You can't believe how delicious it was. She still picks the berries every fall. They grow wild on her land. Huckleberries are smaller than blueberries but taste so much better. Why is that true of wild berries? Now days I can find only a few wild strawberries which I immediately eat. So many of our berries are now grown because they have the ability to travel well. A lot of taste is lost when that is the primary criteria as to which variety to grow. Anyway, I shared a wonderful meal with all the pickles, applesauce, raw veggie tray, fruit/nut bread, corn, squash, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and roast pork. I'm sure I forgot some of the foods but anyway, I ate some of all of them. Everything was so good but the pie was absolutely heavenly!

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Libby said...

I'm so glad to have a local Farmer's Market - we get the chance to enjoy fruits and vegetables that grow well in our climate and are harvested at their peak of flavor. I think more and more communities are enjoying markets - let's hope the trend continues.

Norma said...

It makes my mouth water to think about all that good food.

We used to get great fruit and veggies at road side stands but little by little, housing developments and apartment houses have taken over the orchards and fields. It is sad because once you have eaten the local fresh things, the other tastes like cardboard.

LindaSueBuhl said...

What an interesting story about the family picture. The wild berries do have more intense flavors, partly because they aren't bred to extra size and sturdiness for shipping. The meal sounds fabulous! Thanks again for dropping by my blog - what an interesting variety of people we meet on our blogs!