Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Applique

I finished the two birds. I redesigned the vine and leaves some. I didn't realize how close in color the leaves and vine were but they are OK. The pattern called for some round berries but I don't know if I will add them or not. The second pic can also be horizontal. I also used my own idea on how to arrange the leaves. It too is suppose to have some berries.

Even with the frost last night, the tulips in my yard are standing proudly today. So nice to see.

The bottom pic is the field across the road from my house. It has winter wheat and looks so green - just like the grass in my yard. For any who don't know, winter wheat is planted in the fall and grows a few inches, then dies down for the winter. In the spring it has a root system and begins growing just like grass does. It allows for a crop much earlier than spring wheat, which can't be planted yet.

Hope everything is growing where you are, too.
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Libby said...

I say, 'Go for the berries.'
Thanks for explaining winter wheat - it has been kind of a mystery to me *S*

Patti said...

Lovely blocks and fabric choices. I particularly like the background fabric in the bird block. I agree with Libby - go for the berries!

Norma said...

So nice to see pictures coming from your direction that are green rather than snow white!

The applique blocks are lovely.........."go for the berries".