Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rows Done

All my western theme orphans and fabric bits are sewn into rows. My sewing room floor sure need a good sweeping. I'm not looking forward to sewing the rows together as some of them are a bit wobbly. I like to do this type of creative sewing.

Old Block

When I visited my aunt last week, she gave me some blocks and cut fabric that were in my grandma's trunk. There is only one of this design. It is sewn by hand and doesn't fit together to lie flat. The diameter varies from 11 to 11.5 inches. I want to put some of these blocks together some way. What should I do about this one? I can fix the center either with additional stitching or by adding a round piece. I hate to remove her stitching. Should I just do some ironing to roll the edges of some pieces over? Maybe tack the roll-over down in a few places? How would I decide where to iron? It probably would help to have the pattern. I can't see any way I can save the outside points. Maybe I should remove the stitchng or some of it and start over. No one will see the stitiching after it is quilted anyway. I'd like to make a small quilt to put on a table and give it back to my aunt. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Norma said...

If I could get it to lay down flat enough, I would put it on a fabric background and frame it under glass to protect it. It is such a treasure and beings there is only one, would stand by itself on the right color background. Could you pin it down with T pins and starch it down?

Be sure and show us, whatever you do!

Libby said...

My recommendation would also be starch . . . I like to use the liquid type and mix with water to the desired level of stiffness. I find there is far less flaky stuff on my piece than with the aerosol version. Good luck - they are so sweet and certainly worth preserving.

naomijacobs1 said...

Maybe it's really only supposed to have 5 spokes. It looks almost like you could get rid of one.

Naomi Jacobs