Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ball Thrower

I just got around to emptying my camera onto my computer. Here is a Florida flashback. Kipper got one of these ball throwers for Christmas several years ago. It broke two years ago and thanks for DD1 and family, he got another one this year. But it was back ordered. Then when it arrived it threw one ball and quit so I had to make phone calls. They finally sent another. It throws balls automatically. I have it set on every 7 seconds, still Kipper gets impatient and will paw at it. I put it on a chair to prevent him doing this and breaking it. Kipper comes close to it and stares at it, as the machine makes a noise that changes. He knows exactly when to bolt for the catch. The third pic is of a catch. Click on the movie. Whoops, he forgot to open his mouth, so the ball bounced off his nose and he had to run after it. He sure loves this thing. It had to stay in Florida. In case you are wondering about the metal post, it is the base of my clothes line which had been put away in the shed.

Today I actually cut some fabric and ran my MI sewing machine. I can't find my favorite 1/4 inch foot. I know I put it in an empty pill bottle and packed it somewhere. Hummm. Where?
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Jeanne said...

Looks like Kipper has the spirit of the season, too. Doesn't that green grass look wonderful?

Libby said...

What a great idea. Harper loves to chase the ball, but refuses to bring it back *s* We call it 'Not Ball'

paula, the quilter said...

If I had a dog, I think I'd get one of these. What a good idea.

Finn said...

What a fun thing for Kipper ro do...I think alot of dogs would like that one they got the hang of it...he's a fast learner. Big hugs, Finn
Love seeing the green grass!

Norma said...

I have never seen anything like that...........I think my grandson would enjoy it! LOL

Kipper seems to make himself home where ever he is or better yet, where ever you are.