Monday, March 31, 2008

Quilt Therapy

Yesterday I spent some time sorting out and discarding or filing miscellaneous papers. I found one I had printed from the computer in May 2006. I don't know if I mentioned it in one of my prior blog posts but if I can't remember, you probably can't either. It is a response from a doctor named Susan Delaney Mech to someone who asked if quilting could be therapy. Her response was, "Quilting has several important health benefits:
* Quilting lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.
* Quilting helps you sleep better.
* Quilters have fewer colds and influenzas.
*Quilter's wounds heal faster.
* Quilting gives you the time and space to think your own thoughts,
to dream your own dreams, and to plan your life.
The calming rhythms of quilting allow us to process whatever challenges we face and to listen for that still, quiet voice that brings compassion and guidance. Quilting is about love and relationship. It is life-affirming and life-giving. In short, quilting is therapy."

The bold to some words are from the author. I have no idea what her opinions are based on but to me they seem to be right-on. Just the message I need just now. Was it just chance that I picked up this paper or ..? Anyway, I got the message and will visit my sewing room today.

Costs to Fly

Like everything else, the cost to fly is going up again. Do you remember that when you were given a price, that was how much money you needed. Many places started quoting prices without the taxes and fees for fuel and whatever. Next they started charging for the snacks and then for the seat. I'm not talking about business or first class. Just coach. Yes, it costs to select a seat on the isle or window. Without paying more money you are assigned the middle seat. They also charge to have your suitcases checked in at the curb. This doesn't include the tip. They weigh your suitcase and charge more if it weighs more than 50 pounds. Once I opened mine and moved things between the two suitcases to keep both of them under the limit. I replaced a heavy suitcase with good pulling power with a lighter one and haven't had this problem since. Have you heard the latest? They are going to fly only one suitcase in cargo unless you pay extra for the second one. Oh, me. I think they were saying the second suitcase will cost $50. If you are flying, read the small print and be prepared for the added costs!


Libby said...

They do seem to be adding more and more 'incidentals' to the cost of a flight. As long as we stand for it and allow them to get away with it - they will continue. It used to be fun to fly but those days seem long gone. I hope it won't be long before the pendulum begins to swing back the other way.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I recall flying when we wore gloves and heels! Now it is more like a bus station that is WAY expensive. We don't travel much now - the MIL still travels some but thank goodness she gets discounts. thanks for dropping by my blog.

Finn said...

Love the quote Katie. Seems right in line with what I wrote about the quilts I make, and why.
I haven't flown for several years now, not since Disney.
I have followed the price increases on the news tho, and like everything else, rising fuel prices seem to drive the economy. Major sticker shock at the groceries store yesterday. Hamburger buns jumped from $2.79 to $3.49 ! Just that one item among many. Things won't get any easier for our kids unless something happens, soon. Hugs, Finn