Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quilt Books

The hardest part of packing to migrate from FL to MI is deciding what sewing things to leave and what to take. All things that could rust go. The stash stays. the books are always a question. I got these books for Christmas this year and had great plans to make all sorts of goodies. It didn't happen. If I take them north, will it happen this summer? I do take pics of things I leave here. This jogs my memory when I repeat this process next fall.

Kipper is all set to fly. He is such a good traveler. He likes his kennel and they are always amazed that he gets right in. Do to his size, he must fly in the cargo. So many airlines do not carry dogs now. Kipper has always flown NWA and they do a good job. They have a special place in cargo that has temperature and ventilation control and his kennel is strapped in. Most of the larger planes have accommodations for two dogs. One time we got delayed on the runway during take- off and they turned off the air blowing to the passengers. I got the flight attendant and asked her to make sure the pilot knew there was a dog in hold. Answer came back that he knew. Five minutes later, I got the attendant again. This time, the pilot said he had air blowing on the dog the whole time. Passengers could be miserable but he's take care of the dog. Some bigger airports like Tampa and Detroit have special pet vans that carry the dog in air conditioned comfort from the airport to the plane. Kipper is very comfortable in a large kennel (weighs 50 pounds but is long and tall) but they insist that he have an extra large one so he can stand up and lift his head. Now, neither Kipper nor I want him doing this during his travel, but...rules are rules. (To fill up this larger kennel, I put a pad inside the sides - like a bumper pad for a baby bed, besides the pad he lays on.) This extra large kennel also means $80 more for a total of $300 one way travel. Mind you, my ticket cost $250 for round trip. Oh well, he is my very good companion and I say this is my smoking, drinking, gambling, golfing, hair dresser, and whatever else money. Much better way to spend it. The airlines also restricts when they will not fly a dog. This is dependant to the tarmac temperature. They can't fly if the temp will be over 85 degrees and you never know about FL. Today is cool - high of about 70 but tomorrow (when we fly) is suppose to be higher. They fly no dogs during the months of June, July, August and September. For the last few years, we had had a direct flight, but this year NWA has none from anywhere in FL, so we must change planes in Detroit. The airline requires Kipper have flying papers saying he is fit to travel. These are done on a form of which one copy is sent to the state. Since my MI vet knows Kipper, he doesn't charge me anything for doing this. Here is FL, I have established a vet too but this year the charge was $10 for the physical and $55 for the traveling form. It seems the State of FL charges the vets for these forms. Oh, me. They do know how to get the bucks from the tourists.

This is my last post until I get set back up in MI.
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Finn said...

Hi Katie and Kipper, sorry to be missing so much lately. I guess we both have time when we are more available to blog and browse. You are in a busy session I see. All those big travel plans. Glad to have you coming back our way! *VBS* Such lot of planning for Kipper, but he's well worth whatever effort it takes. My Dakota was also. I know if I had been in New Orleans, I wouldn't have been evacuated unless he came too...makes me glad I was in WI!
Fun books, I'm looking forward to seeing what you decided to do with them. Big hugs for a happy landing,, Finn

Norma said...

Take the books home, you can always take them back again next winter! LOl

You know what they say about man's best friend? Well, your best friend is worth all the expense. I did notice when you said "drinking, smoking and gambling money" that you did not include quilting items! Have a good and safe trip home from home. Hope the weather is nice for you when you get there.

Shelina said...

Wow - I have heard about people who live in two different states, but hadn't really heard met any. I guess I just figured they would have to set up two different households, and move back and forth between them. That's a lot more logistics and work than I thought! Those books look great.
Have a safe journey!

Libby said...

Oh my - that is a lot of rules an regulations to keep up with. I have never flown (nor do I expect to *s*) with a pet. In the end, it's good to know that they have set up guidelines to really look after our precious family members.